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Bus Driver Holds Nervous Boy's Hand On First Day Of School

Bus Driver Holds Nervous Boy's Hand On First Day Of School

A kind-hearted bus driver has gone viral after she held the hand of a nervous kid on his first day of school.

Axel Johnson, four, set off for his first day of pre-school in Augusta, Wisconsin earlier this month when he was suddenly overcome with nerves and started to cry. Bless him.


However, bus driver Isabel Lane was on hand to make sure the little guy knew there was nothing to worry about and that he wasn't alone.

Speaking to CNN, his mum Amy Johnson said she was hoping to get a snap of her son to commemorate his first day of riding the school bus, but instead he was teary eyed due to the jitters.

She told the news outlet: "He was super excited to go, but when the bus came around the corner, he was really quiet. The bus opened the door and I looked at him and he started crying.

"I told him, 'Buddy, you got this and will have so much fun.'"


As he hopped on the bus, Lane spotted that he was anxious and reached behind her seat, offering her hand for Axel to hold.

Lane explained: "I stuck my hand behind the seat as maybe something else to grab onto and he grabbed my hand.

"I could see that he needed to be comforted and that was the best I could do at the time."

At that moment, his mum took the photo which has since been shared by the Augusta Police Department and gone viral.

In the post, the police department gives a 'shout out' to school staff, before heaping praise on 'wonderful bus driver' Lane.

The post continues: "The compassion we see every day in our teachers, bus drivers, custodians, administration, food service staff and paraprofessionals is truly admirable.

"We are so fortunate to be able to partner with these people!"

After unexpectedly going viral, Lane had some wise words, telling WEAU-TV: "I think it kind of goes for anyone, if you see someone maybe struggling just to do something as simple as reaching out a hand and showing that you are there.

"You don't have to say anything but just to show someone you are there makes a big difference in someone's day."

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Axel stopped crying before the bus even reached the end of the road and his mum says he now looks forward to going to school, adding: "Now he gets on the bus every day, ready to go - and loves school."

Featured Image Credit: Augusta Police Department

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Bus Driver Holds Nervous Boy's Hand On First Day Of School

Bus Driver Holds Nervous Boy's Hand On First Day Of School

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