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Dad Builds Dozens Of Tables For Students Remote Learning Amid Lockdown

Dad Builds Dozens Of Tables For Students Remote Learning Amid Lockdown

A dad in the US has built dozens of desks to help students learning remotely while classrooms are closed. You can watch how he makes them here:

Like many parents, Mitch Couch was getting pretty tired of the kitchen table getting clogged up with textbooks and the like, as his living areas merged into makeshift workplaces due to coronavirus lockdown measures.

So Mitch, a building inspector from Lemoore, California, headed out to a supply store - and within a couple of hours, two of his four children had dedicated desks where they could work and store their supplies.

After sharing photographs of his simple, cheap and effective desks on social media, the 44-year-old was inundated with messages from people who wanted to make a desk of their own but didn't know how.


Being a helpful sort, he really stepped up.

He subsequently shared an instructional video on YouTube, but his good deed was to escalate much further yet.

A local grocery store reached out to Mitch and said they would buy the supplies if he were to build the desks for students in the community.


He duly obliged and has now built 40 of them - with another 50 in the pipeline for this week.

A pretty impressive workload, I'm sure you'll agree.

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He's also set up a GoFundMe fundraiser and plans to use the donations to continue building the desks for as long as necessary.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "I started making desks a little over a month ago and have not stopped since.


"I plan on making more desks as long as there are children in need."

Mitch has stepped up to help his community during the pandemic. Credit: Mitch Couch
Mitch has stepped up to help his community during the pandemic. Credit: Mitch Couch

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Mitch's benevolence has helped to improve the tidiness and productivity of homes across the area - indeed, one mother could be forgiven for thinking the desks possess some kind of magical ability to change their kid's opinion on scholastic activity.

Mitch said: "The feedback has been 100 percent positive.


"The gratitude expressed to me has been overwhelming and it literally is what keeps me going.

"I even heard back from one mother that said her child is excited now for school because they have their own desk."

Here's hoping he starts shipping them internationally soon.

Nice work, Mitch. What a LAD.

Featured Image Credit: Mitch Couch

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