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Woman sparks debate over who should pay for £260 steak at anniversary dinner

Woman sparks debate over who should pay for £260 steak at anniversary dinner

He recommended it, she ordered it, but who should pay for the £260 anniversary steak?

A woman has sparked debate after accidentally buying a £260 ($300) steak on her boyfriend's recommendation, bringing up the age old question of who should foot the bill.

Daniela, who goes by @ikingdani on TikTok, posted the video of her two-year anniversary with her boyfriend as they were out for a meal.

He suggested she should try the wagyu sirloin but she ended up accidentally ordering an 8oz steak instead, and the foodies among you may already have realised the trouble the couple were about to land themselves in.

Wagyu beef is the Japanese style of meat where the fat ripples through in a marble effect, and it's incredibly expensive so even an 8oz steak will cost you an absolute fortune.

The steak dish added a whopping £260 ($300) to their bill, meaning the cost of her meal absolutely dwarfed his.

In the end the video shows him paying for the meal, which has kicked off a fierce debate over who ought to be coughing up the cash for such a big mistake.

The massive bill was dominated by the pricey steak.

In the video Daniela's boyfriend pays the bill, but some people thought she should have put something towards the price.

One person wrote 'you should've offered to pay half' for the 'big bill' the couple found themselves dealing with.

Another said they'd 'pay all I could' to cover the cost of the mis-steak and 'pay him back the rest later', while a third person said they'd 'at the very least offer to' put some money towards the bill.

Some people thought it was alright that she didn't offer to pay, arguing that someone shouldn't be expected to pay a 'bank breaking' amount of money when they weren't expecting it.

More said it would be alright if she did something to make up for the mistake, as it wasn't her fault as long as next time was 'your turn to treat him'.

Wagyu steak, you know the really expensive stuff.
Chon Kit Leong / Alamy Stock Photo

Others thought the restaurant should have done something to make up for the mistake, with someone suggesting 'the server should have clarified' that Daniela had accidentally asked for one of the most expensive dishes on the menu.

Plenty of others agreed that the staff should have made it clearer just how expensive the dish was going to be.

A few even said they wouldn't have paid at all, instead plumping for the infamous 'dining and dashing' option to get away from the table.

To make matters even worse, Daniela said in the comments that the eye-wateringly expensive steak wasn't even that good.

Meanwhile, if you want to try wagyu for yourself and see what all the fuss is about you can get it in donner kebab form, which sounds like a horrible fate for such an expensive cut of meat.

Daniela and her boyfriend aren't the only ones who have fallen into this trap, as last year someone at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants did pretty much the exact same thing.

Featured Image Credit: @ikingdani / TikTok

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