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Passenger asked to tape up 'broken' window during eight hour flight despite paying '£3,000' for ticket

Passenger asked to tape up 'broken' window during eight hour flight despite paying '£3,000' for ticket

Ally Shapiro criticised the airline after she was forced to create her own solution to the issue

A Delta passenger has criticised the airline after she found herself having to tape up the window next to her seat despite having forked out 'more than £3,000' for her ticket.

On the bright side... I guess she at least had a window seat? The problem for Ally Shapiro, though, was that it was a little too bright.

The TikToker boarded her flight from France to New York last month, but was baffled when she sat down to find her window surrounded by papers, looking like it had just been fitted.

She decided to document the scene on TikTok, showing the bare window and pointing out that it had 'no window shade, nothing, for eight hours'.

"It's like, a four thousand dollar (£3,000) ticket on Delta," she added. Later, Ally claimed the ticket was more like $2,000 (£1,500).

It's unclear what time of day Ally was flying and therefore whether it would have gone dark naturally during the flight, but sunlight was clearly streaming in when she first filmed the video, meaning it would have been tough for her, at least at first, to get any sleep.

Ally claimed she was initially 'dismissed' by staff members when she tried to question the lack of a window shade, but after speaking to a 'friendlier' member of staff she was given some masking tape and a collection of flight safety cards.

Like an after-school arts-and-crafts project, Ally then set about taping the flight safety cards to the window to block out the light.

Ally ended up taping the window with masking tape.

"POV you have to tape your own window shade bc Delta decided not to include one on an 8 hour flight," she wrote in a caption on the video.

The resulting shade did, admittedly, work quite well, but obviously it wasn't a project Ally had been expecting to take on when she boarded the flight in France.

The customer expressed her disappointment in the airline after the ordeal, writing alongside her video: "When you pay for an extremely expensive international flight that's 8 hours long you would think a window shade would be included…they offered me tape and safety books (ironically) so i could tape it myself.

"I used to be a very loyal Delta customer, but this was just insane."

Ally went on to claim that staff made her remove her makeshift blind before landing because 'management would be upset', adding: "Shouldn't they be upset for having a broken window and not letting us switch seats?!"

Ally described herself as someone who 'already has so much anxiety' when she flies, adding: "This was a really sucky situation for me, and I wish they could've handled it better or at least offer us a different seat because I cannot fly like this."

LADbible has contacted Delta Airlines for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/AllyShapiro

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