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Dentist shows the harm of using disposable vapes to your teeth

Dentist shows the harm of using disposable vapes to your teeth

"If you know someone that smokes or uses GEEK/ELF bars, you have got to show them this."

A London based dentist has revealed what damage using disposable vapes can do to your teeth.

In a video posted to his TikTok, Dr Vikas Prinja, who goes by thelondondentist online, showcased footage of what someone who uses vapes teeth can look like.

He said that the teeth on this particular patient got covered with a yellow/brown stain, which is caused by the nicotine and tar in vapes.

Dr Prinja said: "If you know someone that smokes or uses GEEK/ELF bars, you have got to show them this.

"This is smokers staining, it covers the top layers of the teeth with a yellow/brown stain."

The video then showcases how a dentist would clean the teeth to return to its healthy white state.

Despite there supposedly being better health benefits to using vapes compared to cigarettes, they can still pose a huge health risk, which is something dentists will spot during a check-up.

People gave their reactions to the TikTok in the comments, with one saying: "Sighs , pulls on cola elf bar."

The dentist showed how the teeth would be cleaned.
@thelondondentist / TikTok

A second added: "Me sat here smoking like 🙂."

Meanwhile, a third said: "What do I ask for to get this done at my dentist, a regular clean is never this intense."

One commenter even tagged someone they know and wrote: "bro that’s why ours look so yellow."

Dr Prinja has highlighted the many issues that vapes can do to your teeth on his TikTok account.

Last month, he spoke up about the popular misconception that smoking a disposable vape, such as an Elf bar, is the same as breathing in ‘flavoured air’.

He explained: “Smoking Geek and Elf bars are not the same as smoking flavoured air – here’s what it’s doing to your mouth.”

“They have two percent nicotine salts, which is equivalent to 20 milligrams of nicotine, so they’re super addictive.

“It gets absorbed quickly and one vape bar is equivalent to 48 to 50 cigarettes, which means higher rates of gum disease and even tooth loss.

The dentist has described vaping as 'flavoured air'.
Don McBailey / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo

“The liquid also has propylene glycol which absorbs the moisture out of your mouth and leading to dry mouth, and this leads to higher rates of bad breath.

“The liquid also contains vegetable glycerine which makes your teeth more sticky to cavity causing bacteria leading to holes like this…”

Dr Prinja doesn't just discuss vaping on his channel though, as he also explains many other problems like how to stop cold sores spreading and saving your tooth if it gets knocked out.

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