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​Woman Stands By Cancer-Stricken Boyfriend As Tumour Takes Over His Face

​Woman Stands By Cancer-Stricken Boyfriend As Tumour Takes Over His Face

Pooh Chokchai Kaew suffers from a form of life-threatening eye cancer which has spread across his face.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A Thai woman and her boyfriend have shown that their love is stronger than ever despite cancer striking in a big, shocking way.


Pooh Chokchai Kaew suffers from a form of life-threatening eye cancer, which began as a rare but treatable cancer called retinoblastoma - but has since spread across his face.

Asia Wire

Despite the fact that doctors believe there is no way to treat the very advanced, end-stage cancer, the 21-year-old has an extremely supportive girlfriend who says they'll 'never give up'.

Pooh's girlfriend, Atittaya Chumkeaw, took to social media to share a photo of her and her boyfriend in celebration of their anniversary.

The post was then shared by a group called True Buddhism, which captioned it: "The young man is suffering from end-stage cancer that has spread throughout his face.

"The family revealed doctors have no treatment, with radiotherapy or chemotherapy but the young man still hopes for a miracle and the tumour will disappear.

"This post is not to give false hope to cancer patients. I admire the girl who's standing by her partner. Fans say the love she gives to her boyfriend is the best thing she can offer. It may even cause miracles to happen."

Asia Wire

People were quick to not only praise the couple for their admirable strength in the face of such adversity, but also to tell them to remain hopeful.

One person wrote: "I believe this is a wonderful way for Heaven and Earth to make miracles happen."

Another said: "Keep fighting, both of you."

According to the NHS website, retinoblastoma is usually found among young children, with symptoms including an usual white reflection in the pupil, a squint, a change in the colour of the iris, a red or inflamed eye and poor vision.

The cancer can often be successfully treated, but only if it is diagnosed at an early stage.

Writing on Facebook last year, Atittaya said: "We'll hold hands and walk beside each other forever. We'll be rooting for each other forever. We're not going to let go.

"We'll make our future together. We'll have a better life.

"We're ready for everything. We'll never give up. We're gonna get married together."

In another post, she wrote that the love she chose may not be a dream, but it is a 'happy love'.

What an amazing couple.

Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

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