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Harry Kane 'Lookalike' Slated For Looking Nothing Like The Real Thing

Harry Kane 'Lookalike' Slated For Looking Nothing Like The Real Thing

The lookalike was brought onto ITV's 'Lorraine' this morning but Twitter wasn't impressed.

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

People watching Lorraine this morning may have been forgiven for being confused thinking Harry Kane - who is currently in final preparations to continue bringing football home in England's semi-final against Croatia tonight - was making an unexpected appearance on the ITV show.

Well, only if they were short-sighted, anyway.

The so-called lookalike was rolled out to talk about life as Harry Kane's doppelganger, but viewers on Twitter were quick to point out that the guest, youth support worker Danny, looked 'nothing like' England's star striker.

One said: "Lorraine Kelly looks more like Harry Kane for fuck's sake."

Another said the only similarity between the two men was the England shirt Danny was donning for his TV appearance.


Another added: "My cat looks more like Harry Kane then this chancer."

One said: "Tell him not to quit his day job. Looks more like Harry Redknapp than Harry Kane."


And it looked like host Lorraine Kelly, 58, had become struck down with a bout of World Cup fever, saying the guest's resemblance to Kane was 'uncanny'.

ITV / Lorraine


In any case, the guy's a bit of a unit - at 6 ft 8 he could probably do a job as a bit of a target man up front himself should Kane, 24, need a replacement.

And he's a good guy too - he told Lorraine all the proceeds from his work as a lookalike of the England captain go to good causes, namely various cancer charities who he donates to in memory of his late father, who passed away from the disease.

But it seems looking like Harry Kane (or not looking like him, as the case may be) has not made Danny lucky in love, as he says he is currently single.

Psychic animals predicting the outcomes of football games has also been a bit of an exhausted feature of this World Cup, and this morning's episode of Lorraine also hosted the visit of Phoenix the psychic cat.

It was given the choice of two food bowls to choose from - one representing England and one Croatia - which would absolutely, definitely, one million percent guarantee beyond doubt the result of tonight's game.

It ate from both bowls.

My bet's on a draw, LADs.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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