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LADs Recreate The Inbetweeners Movie Dance Scene Completely Unrehearsed

LADs Recreate The Inbetweeners Movie Dance Scene Completely Unrehearsed

When there's a fancy dress party on the horizon, things can get tricky. What do you wear? What's the theme? In this instance it was the letter 'i' and for four best mates - it was simple. They were going to go as the cast of The Inbetweeners.

With little time to spare Ollie Harrison, 20, Ewan Vowles, 20, Charlie Stannard, 19, and Benn Bryant, 21, transformed respectively into Simon Cooper, Will McKenzie, Neil Sutherland and Jay Cartwright.

Things took a turn for the unbelievably better during Benn Bryant's traditional family party, which takes place annually, when the foursome decided to recreate the dance scene from The Inbetweeners Movie.


The near-perfect rendition went almost seamlessly and, most shockingly of all, it was completely unrehearsed. Yep, the guys just took to their roles like ducks to water because they've watched the film 'so many times'. Hats off to them, this was a class effort.

Speaking to LADbible about their impromptu performance, student Benn said: "Everything was improvised. We've all seen the movie so many times and that dance scene is so iconic we just improvised it."

It just gets better and better. From L-R: Ollie Harrison as Simon, Ewan Vowles as Will, Charlie Stannard as Neil and Benn Bryant as Jay. Credit: LADbible/E4/Bwark Productions
It just gets better and better. From L-R: Ollie Harrison as Simon, Ewan Vowles as Will, Charlie Stannard as Neil and Benn Bryant as Jay. Credit: LADbible/E4/Bwark Productions

Benn's childhood friend, Caitlin Thacker, 20, told LADbible how the dance was 'the highlight of everyone's night'. She explained: "Every year, Benn and his family have their annual fancy dress party and every year you come as something beginning with the next letter in the alphabet, this year was the letter 'i'.


"We started the night by taking many pictures, having a dance and celebrating Benn's mum as it was also her birthday. Before you knew it the DJ was playing the iconic Inbetweeners song and the boys took centre stage, completely unrehearsed and started dancing.

"The boys have an awesome sense of humour and that scene is iconic, it just came naturally to them. A couple drinks in as well helped to ease the nerves.

"The dance I think was the highlight of everyone's night. Lots of laughs were shared as you can hear from the video, it got everyone very excited."

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There's no denying that the LADs definitely looked the parts - their outfits were on point - although very last minute.

Charlie Stannard, who is also a student, told us: "I'd say it was as pretty last minute. Being students we didn't have copious amounts to spend on outfits and stuff so the day before the party Benn headed out and picked up some blue sweats and most of the other bits we had from our own school days like white shirts black trousers etc. We just printed out the school logos last minute."

Ewan, a student as well (there's a running theme here), added: "The ties we had to order online, and actually turned up on the day of the party. The school logos, they were just printed out and stuck on our uniforms.

"My outfit as Will was just a suit that I had at home, with the striped tie, some glasses, and a logo stuck on with safety pins and sticky tape. Although I had to dye my hair black and pencil black in my eyebrows as well, to get the full Will McKenzie look."


Well, we commend the effort both beforehand and during. This'll take some beating.

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