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Hack That Will Get You 'Free' Nando's By Spending £1.50 On Supermarket Sauce

Hack That Will Get You 'Free' Nando's By Spending £1.50 On Supermarket Sauce

If you don't like chicken, halloumi, g'bread or spicy rice then you're in the wrong place right now. In fact, you must be one of those supergrain or mixed-leaf side salad kinda people and that's fine. Because everyone loves Nando's.

But super-fans, like the person writing this article, will know that the chicken company rarely does promotional stuff. Until now anyway.

This rare hack let's you get a free quarter chicken OR starter if you spend £1.50 ($2) on a bottle of Nando's Peri-Peri sauce.


There's a catch though (of course there's a catch, there's always a catch) you have to spend £5 ($6.68) to redeem the freebie.

So, if you got a side at £2.50 ($3.34) and a £2.70 ($3.61) drink (we wouldn't want you dehydrating now) you would qualify. Similarly if, like me, you're a greedy bastard - you could get two sides at £2.50 and there's your fiver.

But then you must remember you've spent £1.50 on the bottle of sauce - you know the one you're going to chuck to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again. So technically you're going to spend £6.50 ($8.69).

Is it worth the aggro is what we ask? Course it is.

The little hack in all it's glory. Credit: ASDA
The little hack in all it's glory. Credit: ASDA

According to the MailOnline, Nando's mega fan Jordon Cox from Brentwood in Essex, discovered that bottles of the sauce come with a voucher for a free £3.95 ($5.28) quarter chicken breast OR a £3.70 ($4.95) starter at the restaurant until the end of August.

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21-year-old Jordon, who is known as the Coupon Kid, says the fast food Afro-Portuguese chicken chain 'rarely offers discounts' so the deal is an uncommon occurrence.

They know how to make us feel special don't they?


Credit: Nando's
Credit: Nando's

Here's How You Can Get A Quarter Chicken From Nando's For Free

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You could get quarter chicken, standard side and diet drink for £9.15 and pay £6.70 - which includes your bottle of special sauce.

The sauce is stocked at almost every major supermarket but are only £1.50 at Morrisons and ASDA.


The code you need to claim a free meal or starter will be on a promotional collar around the neck of a bottle of sauce, or on the lid.

You will then need to enter your code onto the Nando's website on a special offer page.

You can claim the offer as many times as you like, if you keep buying sauces - as long as you spend at least £5 in a branch.

So there you have it - get a sauce and they'll return you with £4 worth of the good stuff. What a bargain.

Featured Image Credit: Nando's

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