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£85 Grinch who ruined woman’s home is now available for hire again

£85 Grinch who ruined woman’s home is now available for hire again

The controversial Grinch-for-hire service is back

Christmas isn't the same for everyone.

While some just want to sing Xmas carols, others will refuse to accept Mariah Carey's annual return to the charts.

And one character that has remained popular since the late 50s for absolutely despising the festive season is Dr Seuss' The Grinch.

The sole aim of the mean and green Grinch is to destroy Christmas once and for all and it seems that some people can relate - as the Grinch-for-hire service is back in action following controversial coverage in 2021.

A mum hired the character from Santa Stop Here Belfast to come out to her home to engage in a bit of playful misbehaviour.

However, she claims the Grinch turned up and destroyed her house, pouring juice and washing liquid all over the place and smashing up eggs and party food.

Before the Grinch came.

In a viral post, which has since been deleted, the mum said: “So paid £85 for a Grinch visit… advertises the Grinch to come in, mess the kids’ beds, have pillow fights, put toilet roll around your Christmas tree and pictures with the kids at the end (they were told to leave, no pictures) VS what I got, every single bit of party good, expensive cupcakes threw all over the place, tree decorations broke, fairy up liquid poured on my kitchen food, eggs smashed and a full bottle over my floor and son! Kid’s new onesies ruined.

“Highly, highly do not recommend… mailed and complained, no reply.

"Grinch defo came stole Christmas, never been so disgusted in my life! [sic].”

After the Grinch paid a visit.

At the time, a spokesperson for Santa Stop Here Belfast told MailOnline: “[The homeowner’s] sister hired us and was told in advance what was involved prior to the visit.

“We’ve done 30 visits this year with no complaints.

“We have been doing this for three years in total.

“Our Grinch is loving the attention - we’ve had hundreds of booking enquiries today.

“The Grinch also knew them personally - but hasn’t told them who was below the mask yet!”

And now, it seems that the Grinch-for-hire service is well and truly back after the company shared an update earlier this month.

Taking to its Facebook page on 3 November, Santa Stop Here Belfast wrote: "Bleeding hearts of the World unite! The Belfast Grinch is BACK!! Dm to get booked in."

LADbible has contacted Santa Stop Here Belfast for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/SantaStopHere

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