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People are ‘living a lie’ after finding out how baked beans are made

People are ‘living a lie’ after finding out how baked beans are made

They're a staple of a Full English but turns out most of us haven't a clue how they're made

Let’s be real, when we’re demolishing a much-needed fry-up on a Sunday morning we’re hardly thinking about how all those delicious things ended up on a plate.

Our only thoughts are that of The Fear from the night before and how this food is going to solve everything.

But now, a whole new level of fear is creeping in as people realise that they’ve been ‘living a lie’ all because of the humble classic, baked beans.

Love them or hate them, the sweet, tomatoey things are staple part of a Full English. And people seem to have no idea about how they’re made.

Of course, when it comes to baked beans, you’ll probably think of Heinz, which reportedly sells over 2.5million cans of them every day in the UK.

A video previously went viral showing the classic food being made in a 52-acre facility.

Love them or hate them they're a British classic.
Daniel Harvey Gonzalez/In Pictures via Getty Images

The world’s biggest baked beans factory in Wigan makes 3 million cans of the stuff a day.

Shared to X by Tech Insider, the clip showed the process as haricot beans are rehydrated after being shipped over from North America.

Then, a ‘secret mixture’ of spices is added and tomato sauce is mixed in.

Now, prepare yourself for this, the beans are actually cooked inside the tin as it’s all steamed together within the can.

The whole process takes about two hours with the factory making around 1 billion cans each year.

Users said on X that, despite loving baked beans, they ‘did not know’ they were cooked in the cans.

Others pointed out the mad revelation that canned beans aren’t actually baked.

And while some called it a ‘fascinating process’ another wrote: “Just found out there is no baking involved in making baked beans, my life is a lie.”

Others also echoed: “Baked beans aren't baked? My life is a lie.”

One wrote: “So I just learned that baked beans aren’t actually baked, but they are stewed and now my whole life is a lie.”

Did you know they aren't baked?
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Although there was one who seemed to think they aren’t even beans as they posted: “Today I learned baked beans are actual beans uno I thought they were just tiny potatoes my whole life is a lie.”

It can always be a bit baffling to find out how some of your favourite foods are made.

Some people previously vowed to never eat doner kebab again after a video showed the process of building that turning cone of meat.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Harvey Gonzalez/In Pictures/Getty Images/X/Tech Insider

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