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Dad Forces 'Bully' Son To Hold Huge Sign At The Side Of Busy Road

Dad Forces 'Bully' Son To Hold Huge Sign At The Side Of Busy Road

Michael Yager made his teenage son hold a sign that told people 'I'm a bully' to 'teach him a lesson'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

No one likes a bully - so imagine if the bully in question happened to be your own child. Some parents would make them apologise, maybe even write a letter about their behaviour; others might ground their kid for a number of days, even weeks.

One man was infuriated by his teenage son picking on his peers, but came up with an impressive solution - the youngster was made to stand at the side of a busy road with a sign that looks about as tall as he is.

We suppose that's one way to tackle the issue. It's not for everyone though, that's got to be said.

Michael Yager was furious when he found out his 13-year-old son, Jacob, had been bullying his classmates in school.

So much so that he decided to give the youngster a taste of his own medicine by writing him a huge sign that read: "I'm a bully. Honk if you hate bullies."

That must be one of the nasty medicines - definitely no Calpol.

Apparently it didn't take long for people to start beeping at the teen and some even stopped to chat with the pair. But others just didn't agree with the rather unorthodox stunt - Michael claims one lady called him 'every name in the book'.


Michael told FOX19: "I figured I would teach him a lesson that would embarrass him and make him feel the way the kids feel. In my mind I was doing the right thing but I guess you just can't please everybody."

Well, that's one way. A pretty harsh one at that but it seems to have worked because Jacob said he has changed his bullying ways and we're certainly glad to hear.

When asked how he felt about standing at the side of the road, he explained: "Embarrassed and kind of nervous."

He added: "You never know what someone can be going through. If you want to be the bully, like if you have something inside you you need to tell someone, go to a guidance counsellor or someone."


So it seems to have worked for Jacob, thankfully. But hopefully we won't have to see dozens of kids advertising their misdemeanours on signs any time soon.

Michael also revealed that law enforcement were impressed by the punishment and applauded his parenting style.

He said: "I had Edgewater Police stop by. I had good response from the neighbourhood. I had one woman come up and call me every name in the book."

We're almost sure this will cause a divided opinion overall, but like a wise person once said, 'you just can't please everybody'.

Featured Image Credit: FOX19

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