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Doctor Reveals How You Can Stop Your Penis From Shrinking

Doctor Reveals How You Can Stop Your Penis From Shrinking

The TikTok D**kDoc has some decent advice for you, and you're probably going to like it

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A d**k doctor on TikTok - a D**kDoc, as he so eloquently puts it - has been offering up some sage advice on how to stop your penis shrinking as you get older. You can absorb some of his nuggets of wisdom by watching the video below:

This particular doctor is Dr. Edward Zimmerman, who has been performing cosmetic surgery on the dangus of any willing - and paying, presumably - participant since the 1990s.

Basically, he knows his way around a length, and he's willing to offer up the tips to help you with it.

He currently practices out of Las Vegas clinic Aesthetic Revolution, and he's here to explain everything that you always wanted to know about your manhood but were too ashamed to ask.

First off, there's nothing to be ashamed of. They're all fine, and they're all functional, but there's ways and means of keeping them firing on all cylinders, if you'll excuse the cringeworthy pun.

So, did you know that penises shrink over time?


While that's a troubling thought, especially for those of us who are getting on a bit, but there is a way you can mitigate against this effect.

Oh, and you're gonna like it.

Dr Zimmerman told Buzzfeed: "Penises shrink with age - just like how you lose volume in your face and neck. Down below, you'll lose girth and you'll also lose length if you're rarely using it. It truly is a use-it-or-lose-it type of deal."

Yup, just use it as much as possible - with a willing and consenting partner, of course - and you should be able to roll back the effects of time down there.

However, if you're disappointed with the hand you've been dealt, and wonder whether you could enhance yourself in the trouser department, it's definitely worth giving sensible consideration.

As the good doctor added: "Think about how hard it would be to try to make someone taller.

"If you damage the internal organs that cause the erection, then you may have erectile problems for life and that's not worth it."


"To get length, you can do something called jelqing (penis-stretching exercises) or you can use penis pumps to give you a temporary elongation, but it's like going to the gym.

"Once you stop going, things pretty much go back to the way they would have been if you'd never done it."

There you have it folks, some sound advice in case you're ever worried about what you're packing.

Seriously though - not everything in life is judged by the size of your d**k.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dickdocontiktok

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