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Driving Rule For Overtaking Cars In Ireland Is Different Compared To UK

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Driving Rule For Overtaking Cars In Ireland Is Different Compared To UK

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sam_slow11

This viral video shows how drivers in Ireland overtake without needing to cross the middle lane into oncoming traffic. Check it out:


Now, you might be thinking this is just the premise of a motorway... if people used them correctly and that's fair.

However, according to one TikToker, most main roads in Ireland are laid out like this.

So basically, if you're driving down a road and a car comes up behind you, clearly going faster, you can move into the left hand lane and allow the vehicle to pass.

Theoretically, it's less dangerous because it means that the driver trying to pass doesn't need to go over the central line and potentially into oncoming traffic.

Credit: TikTok/sam_slow11
Credit: TikTok/sam_slow11

The 'rule' was shared on TikTok by @sam_slow11 who filmed (hopefully on a dash cam) the moment they moved to the side to let a Land Rover Discovery pass.

Once it did so, the 4x4 put on it's hazard lights to indicate the driver's appreciation. What a lovely exchange.

On the video, the original poster wrote: "In Ireland, you don't need to overtake like in the UK. Pull over to the side and let faster cars go pass."

First of all, some people didn't understand the premise, so the TikToker explained: "It's not a motorway or duel carriageway - just a main road.

"People are generally more patient on the roads in Ireland too. Not seen any road rage or beeping horns."

Sounds blissful.

Cheeky little hazard light thanks. Credit: TikTok/sam_slow11
Cheeky little hazard light thanks. Credit: TikTok/sam_slow11

Many didn't think such a rule could even be adopted in the UK, with one writing: "As much as I'd love this in the UK people still wouldn't move over.

"They don't even know how to move from the middle lane."

Another wrote: "Basically same premise [as overtaking]," to which the original poster wrote: "In essence yes but it saves the car wanting to get by going over to the other side of the road. All major roads have these. Safer in my opinion."

They also explained: "It's like our hard shoulder [in the UK] on a motorway. You don't drive in it, just move into it when a car approached behind you quickly."

Someone else seemed equally as impressed and commented: "Yes I noticed that they do that a couple of years ago. Brilliant idea."

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Rebecca Shepherd
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