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Woman Dating Dad The Same Age As His Daughters Defends Relationship

Woman Dating Dad The Same Age As His Daughters Defends Relationship

Steven Russell, 55, has been disowned by his daughters for dating Ryan Rosado, 25 - a woman the same age as them.

A 25-year-old American woman has defended her relationship with a man thirty years her senior after his daughters have fallen out with him for dating her.

New York-based Ryan Rosado met 55-year-old Steven Russell at a work lunch two years ago and the pair have been dating ever since, Metro has reported.

While Ryan's family have accepted the pair's, relationship Steven's daughters are rather less pleased - the 26- and 23-year-olds are refusing to speak with him.

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This isn't Ryan's first age gap relationship, either - she previously had a relationship with someone who was 14 years older than her. Some people just like silver foxes or cougars, I guess?

"When I told my mum, she said to me: 'We both have good taste in men'," Ryan said.

"My family always say that age doesn't matter once someone is an adult, because it doesn't define anything about that person.

"I was always been seen as the 'old soul' in my friendship group and this wasn't my first age-gap relationship."

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When the pair started their relationship, Stephen foresaw that there might be a problem, with Ryan saying that he was afraid that it would hurt his reputation or even lead to people suggesting he was having a mid-life crisis.

Ryan explained that while most people have accepted their relationship, Stephen's daughters are struggling to accept the fact their dad is dating someone the same age as them.

To keep the peace, the pair have agreed not to have any children of their own - probably for the best really.

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"Most people have come to accept it and say: 'Whatever makes you guys happy. You aren't doing anything wrong'," Ryan explained.

"I know I am with someone who is a father and would love to see every side of him; the business man, the adventurer, and of course, the family guy and father."


Although Stephen's family are still sceptical of his decision to hook up with Ryan, she's only optimistic about their relationship.

She concluded that the pair are 'happy' and she sees them being happier together than they were when they were single.

"At the end of the day, this relationship is much more than physical attraction and the bottom line is - we are happy," Ryan said.

"We are partners in crime, companions. We are better together than we were apart."

If being together makes them happy, it can't be that bad - right?

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