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Billionaire has own £160m race track built into side of mountain

Billionaire has own £160m race track built into side of mountain

The billionaire in Japan wanted somewhere to take 'his wife and kids'

Every now and again it comes up, whether you’re down the pub, in the office or even just having tea – if you were a billionaire, what would you spend your fortune on?

Maybe you’re humble and say you’d donate it and share it out, maybe you just want to quit your job and travel or perhaps you fancy a mega shopping spree.

But this billionaire’s big spend might not necessarily be everyone’s first thought for splashing their cash. Then again, I guess when you have so much money, you really can just buy or build whatever you manage to think up.

And for the billionaire CEO of the Magarigawa Club in Japan, that was a £160million racetrack.

Open to members only, the private track in the side of a mountain opened on 29 July 2023 and overlooks Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay.

At 2.17 miles long, the racetrack was designed by F1 circuit designer Hermann Tilke and even had Top Gear’s Tom Brown over to cruise round it in a 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which he says is his dream car.

The Magarigawa is the first private track in Asia and has 22 corners with about 20 percent of the track uphill and 16 percent downhill.

The racetrack is private.
Youtube/Top Gear

It boasts scenic 800 metres of straightaways and is found in the mountains of the Chiba Prefecture – roughly an hour outside of Tokyo.

And obviously it’s not just the track that’s so mega, but the club itself has a climate-controlled indoor pit lane staffed by mechanics ready for any of its members who fancy a drive.

But if they don’t fancy going for a drive, the club also has an infinity pool, place to eat, gym, and even a karaoke room.

The track overlooks Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay.
Youtube/Top Gear

It’s said the billionaire behind the prestigious Magarigawa Club wanted a racetrack where he could take his wife and two daughters.

And as he didn’t think there was a place fit for that, he did what anyone would do (well, anyone with so much cash to spare) and built his own.

Located in the side of a mountain, the track is appropriate for those who aren’t exactly pros and even offers low-speed cruising. So you know, if you’ve got a sh*t load of cash to spare and fancy a picturesque drive, head over to Japan.

A video for Top Gear Magazine says the Magarigawa could be the ‘greatest private race track in the world’.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Top Gear

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