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Lad On Solo Camping Trip Ends Up Pulling All Nighter At Illegal Rave

Lad On Solo Camping Trip Ends Up Pulling All Nighter At Illegal Rave

A lad from Wortley in Leeds accidentally ended up at an all-night rave and 'thought he was going to get murdered'

Oliver Broome, 29, thought he was off on a weekend camping trip, but it led to him accidentally attending an all-night rave.

Camping; usually a time for peace, relaxation and embracing the great outdoors.

Just be careful where you pitch up however, because one lad from Wortley, Leeds, picked what he thought was the 'perfect spot' for a little relaxation, only to end up in the midst of an illegal rave.

Broome had an 'unbelievable weekend' but not in the way he intended, Yorkshire Live reports.

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The outdoorsman set up his tent in an idyllic spot. So far, so good. "The first half of the night went as planned, I'd pitched up, made my dinner on my little stove and had a couple of beers. Around 10.30pm I got in my sleeping bag to start winding down for the night. It was at this point it got strange, I could hear talking."

Broome 'thought he was going to get murdered' after hearing the strange noises.

"I was in the middle of nowhere out in the moors so to hear talking at night was disturbing. I could hear some lads talking and they seemed to be getting closer, obviously I'm in the middle of nowhere – I thought I was going to get murdered for sure," he elaborated.

To be fair, if we heard voices in a secluded area in the middle of the night, we'd probably fear the worst too.

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As the voices drew closer and closer to Broome, he decided to get his boots on and 'confront them head on'. We would've stayed in the tent, but admire the boldness.

"I jumped out my tent and they were scared as they didn't know I was there."

Naturally, Broome wondered why a bunch of people – he thought looked around 18 – were out in a secluded area that late.

However, it didn't take long until he 'saw they were carrying a speaker' and it all started to make a lot of sense.

As people continued to flock to the once peaceful site of Broome's tent, the place transformed into a 'nightclub' scene.

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According to Broome, the group then set up some DJ equipment and strobe lights.

Playing loud techno – because what else wood you play in the secluded moors at night – the rave-goers began drinking, dancing and smoking.

Broome said he was welcomed into the party and that he had 'no choice really' as his tent was right by the speakers.

The night wrapped up at around 7.30am, but Broome added that his nighttime neighbours 'were more shocked that they had bumped into a random camping guy in the middle of nowhere. It turns out they were having an illegal rave'.

Featured Image Credit: Oliver Broome

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