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London's Most Affordable Steak Restaurant Has Opened To Rival Salt Bae

London's Most Affordable Steak Restaurant Has Opened To Rival Salt Bae

Move over Salt Bae because there's a new steak house opening in London and it's much, much cheaper.

Move over Salt Bae, there's a new steakhouse opening in London – and it's much, much cheaper.

If you were looking for a big night out on a budget, look no further, as an unlikely hero has started its own steak restaurant.

The hero? We'll give you one clue: it had a viral ad in the late 2000s where randomers slap their bums in response to low prices.

Asda is opening a steak restaurant.

If you guessed Asda, you're right! If you guessed anything else, you probably need to clear your internet history.

Yep. Asda, home to a range of bargains, is opening up its very own steak restaurant.

Hilariously, it's named Steak Bay, which we think a certain meme icon might take issue with.

The restaurant's grand opening is on 9 June, and it won't cost customers an arm and a leg.

There's just one catch...

Move over Salt Bae, Asda is in town.

It's only open for a day.

The supermarket chain said: "Open for one night only on Thursday 9th June, Asda's extravagant Steak Bay restaurant opens its doors in London's Shoreditch, offering guests the chance to choose between mouth-watering 21-day matured Tomahawk and extra thick cut 30-day matured Sirloin Steaks, Ultimate British Beef Steak Burgers, slow-cooked Pork Rib Racks and more."

Hey, as long as there's no horsemeat involved, we're on board.

The brand also seemed to subtly dig Salt Bae's infamous, expensive gold-leaf dishes adding: "And forget gold leaf topped dishes, at this restaurant steaks will be rested in none other than tinfoil to lock in all the flavour (because who needs gold steak?!) then seasoned with salt at the table by expertly-trained waiting staff."

The steakhouse is open for one night only.

So, how do you secure a spot at the sans-gold steakhouse?

Well, those looking to apply for one of the 50 spaces can secure theirs by visiting

Yep, Asda is really committing to the Steak Bay idea, with the brand adding: "Guests will have the chance to experience some salt sprinkling in style on their steak dinner, done the Asda Price way."

Still, the steakhouse looks like it'll be an incredible night, and "lucky diners will enjoy outstanding dishes prepared and plated with fine dining finesse by Asda’s executive chef, Senior Director of Innovation and Trends, Jonathan Moore and his team and served in the most stylish of surroundings where there’ll be no shocks when the bill arrives, as it’s all completely free of charge'.

The launch of the new restaurant is part of the brand's efforts to highlight how the company is investing in quality meat, fish, and poultry with prices as low as £5.

Featured Image Credit: Asda

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