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Man admits to always doing a specific chore so his wife doesn't learn his 'grim habit'

Man admits to always doing a specific chore so his wife doesn't learn his 'grim habit'

People had some harsh advice for the bloke

It feels like there’s only a small majority of us who actually enjoy having to do chores. I mean, the very word alone just reminds us of your mum forcing you to do jobs in the house in order to earn that time on the Xbox.

But the reality is, adult life is basically just an endless stream of chores. Well, unless you pay someone else to do them.

And this bloke insists on always doing a specific chore - no matter how tedious it is - just so his wife never learns his ‘grim habit’.

Turns out, as honest as he is with his partner in their relationship, he just can’t bare the thought of her knowing just how dirty he is – and I mean that in the literal sense.

The bloke does all the washing.
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He took to Fesshole on X to anonymously fess up to his habit and get some advice on his grim little secret.

Revealing all, he wrote: “I do all the washing in our house because I don't want my wife to see the state of my boxies. I'm worried she'll love me less if she sees how bad my skid marks are.”

In just over a week, the post has had over 400,000 views with users both trying to help the bloke out and absolutely ripping into him.

Many simply shared photos of toilet paper and flushable wipes with captions like ‘(ahem…)’.

One did offer up: “You can never tell. She may love you more.” And others also said: “I’m sure she will love you the same.”

But another hit back: “I love you less now and I don’t even know you.”

With plenty simply suggesting: “Just wipe your arse better mate. It’s not difficult!!”

Another joked: “If only you put the same effort into wiping your a*** as you do washing the clothes.”

Users had simple advice.
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And others agreed: “Surely just wiping your a*** is less effort than doing all the washing?”

One even slammed: “Love you less? If she leaves you you will deserve it.”

But another did put: “If my wife sees any boxers in the machine she knows…”

And while most focused on the gross habit at hand, others were more taken aback by a different part of the bloke’s confession.

“Mate, if you call them ‘boxies’ you’re lucky to have a partner,” one wrote.

And others echoed: “She'd love you even less still if she realised, with the whole of the English language at your disposal, you choose to name your underwear ‘Boxies’.”

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