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Vegan Who Drinks His Own Urine Explains Why He Does It

Vegan Who Drinks His Own Urine Explains Why He Does It

He says drinking a glass a day has knocked years off his appearance and that's not the only benefit

A guy who drinks his own urine says it's his ‘secret to eternal youth’ and helps keep him looking younger. 

Harry Matadeen, 34, said he first started knocking back his own pee in 2006 and says it’s had a profound effect on his looks and mental health.

Harry, from Hampshire, said he struggled with depression and social anxiety but his ‘open minded’ approach to life led him to giving ‘urine therapy’ a go. 

Harry insists his urine is ‘super clean’ and chugs 200ml a day - most of which is a month old but topped up with some fresh. 

Harry says 'urine therapy' has changed his life.
Jam Press

He said: “Fresh urine is never as bad as you imagine – it is neutral smelling and not a bad taste unless you are really toxic. 

“But the aged urine is always smelly and the taste is a refined and acquired one. I’ll just say it takes some getting used to!

“I actually like the smell and taste of my aged urine now, due to neuro-association of what benefits and joy it gives me after I take it into my system.”

As well as making him feel better, Harry says drinking his urine - and rubbing it on his skin - has knocked years off his appearance. 

He added: “Urine has made me look a lot younger. Drinking the aged urine has revitalised my face to its youthful years and when I rub it on my face, the difference is instant and obvious.

As well as drinking his urine, Harry uses it on his skin.
Jam Press

“My skin is young, soft and glowing. Aged urine is the best food for the skin that I have found to date.

“When you rub it on, it softens the skin and keeps it youthful and elastic.

“I don’t use any other skincare other than urine.

“It’s the secret to eternal youth.

“Sometimes when I’m in the urinals and no one is watching I will cup my hand and splash the fresh urine I am excreting on my face and rub it in.

“Urine therapy has changed my life.”

He mostly drinks month-old urine, topped up with fresh.
Jam Press

However, GP Dr Jeff Foster disagrees. Speaking about Harry’s regimen, he said: “Urine is a waste product that contains about 90% water. The rest is ammonia and salts, some bacteria and other waste products.

“There are no known reported health benefits from either drinking or rubbing your own urine onto your body (or anyone else’s urine).

“Orally, it is much worse – it can actually speed up the dehydration process and potentially introduce bacteria.

“Bottom line is if you would not eat or rub in your own faeces, then don’t think applying the same principle with urine is any healthier.

“Waste products are waste for a reason.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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