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Man Dubbed 'Human Satan' For His Extreme Body Modifications Has Ears Amputated

Man Dubbed 'Human Satan' For His Extreme Body Modifications Has Ears Amputated

Michel Faro Praddo has already had his finger cut off, and now celebrated the end of Covid-19 mask rules by lopping his ears off

A man who is a huge fan of extreme body modification has had his ears cut off so he can 'celebrate the end of Covid-19 face mask mandates'.

This sort of caper is all in a day’s work for Michel Faro Praddo, who has had so much work done that he is nicknamed ‘Devil’ and has even been referred to as the ‘Human Satan’.

Praddo is covered in tattoos across around 85 percent of his body and has had more than 60 procedures to change his appearance, including having one of his fingers amputated so his hand could look 'more alien'.

He’s not messing around, basically.


On top of that, he’s got horns implanted into his head, has had his belly button removed, and has had part of his nose taken off too.

However, his latest move has been to get much of his ears amputated, after which he joked that he’ll no longer need them to keep on a face mask.

Praddo, who lives in the Brazilian city of Praia Grande, is known on the internet as ‘Diabao’ – which means devil – but called ‘Human Satan’ in the media.

He lives with his wife Carol Praddo, and she likes a tattoo and body modification herself. So much so, that she’s nicknamed ‘Mulher Demonia’ or ‘Demon Woman’.


The pair have been together for about a decade now and started undergoing their extreme transformations about five years back.

As you can see from their pictures together, they seem to be the perfect match for one another.

It was just last December that Michel had his finger cut off so that his hand would look more like that of an alien.

Now, sharing a picture of his amputated ears by a face mask, he wrote: "If I'm not obliged to use one anymore, I can dispense with the other, right?"

For obvious reasons, we're not going to show that photo - it's just unnecessary.

In a later post, he added: "I am extremely thrilled with his extreme modification I have done."


Praddo said that he’d been wanting this done for a while now, but put it off because he needed his ears to hook a face mask onto.

The operation was performed by Mexican body modifier ‘Gattoo Moreno’, who has nearly 95,000 followers on Instagram.

Despite being called a devil, Praddo has also said in the past that he does believe in God.

He said: "I believe in God as a source of power, love, wisdom and various attributes that nurture life as a whole."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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