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Man accidentally eats Walkers crisp worth £100,000

Man accidentally eats Walkers crisp worth £100,000

It took Cory nearly a week to recognise his mistake

We've all done things that we regret, but it's not often those things cost us £100,000.

Yep, a lot of zeroes, isn't it?

Hopefully most of us will never have to find out how it feels to make a £100k mistake, but it might be too late for TikToker and crisp fan Cory, from Cardiff, Wales.

The 26-year-old has gained a following on TikTok by sharing a number of food-based posts, including the classic 'what I eat in a day' videos.

These kinds of posts do what they say on the tin, and any social media user will probably have come across dozens of them on various scrolls through the internet. But I bet you've never seen one quite so unfortunate as Cory's.

The TikToker went viral on the app after he shared a video of himself revealing that he had accidentally eaten a Walkers crisp that could have been worth £100,000.

Unfortunately, Cory had failed to spot an advert on the crisp packet which explained Walker's is offering £100,000 to one lucky winner who finds the best heart-shaped crisp in their packet.

It wasn't until after he posted his 'what I eat in a day' video online that his followers began point out that he'd been in possession of exactly what Walker's were looking for - a heart shaped crisp.

Viewers were quick to spot the £100k crisp.
Cory Wells/Caters News

Cory had already crunched down on the crisp, explaining afterwards: "I posted my 'What I eat in a day video' not thinking anything of it, and then the video was flooded with comments talking about the £100k heart-shaped crisp.

"People were commenting on the video saying I'd eaten a £100k crisp, then I went live on TikTok and people were commenting to ask if I'd contacted Walkers."

Cory admitted that it took him 'around six days' to realise his mistake.

"I started to look into it while I was with my girlfriend Lea and we watched my video back. We saw the crisp so we screenshotted it, cropped it and flipped it around - and low and behold it was the heart-shaped crisp," he said.

"At the time my, girlfriend had a packet of Walkers with her so we did a comparison and that's when it hit me that I'd just eaten the £100k prize."

While some might have burst into tears at the missed opportunity, Cory said he and his girlfriend Lea 'burst into laughter'.

The TikToker thankfully managed to see the bright side of the situation, saying: "I wasn't even angry or anything like that, just so shocked. I can't believe it happened and that I even caught it on camera.

"I told people at work and they said they didn't believe me either until I showed them the video. It's a good job I do my 'what eat in a day' videos so that I could prove it."

Cory and Lea were at least able to laugh about the mistake.
Cory Wells/Caters News

Cory said he'd have spent the money on a holiday, house renovations and charity donations, but unfortunately those plans turned to dust as he bit down on the crisp.

After hearing about Cory's misfortune, a Walkers spokesperson said: "Such a shame that Cory has eaten that crisp! We do need to be fair to all the other Walkers fans that have followed our competition T&Cs and held onto their crisp for safekeeping, so I'm afraid we won't be able to accept his entry this time round. There's still time if he wants to enter!"

While it might not have plumped up his wallet, here's hoping the crisp at least provided Cory with a satisfying snack.

Featured Image Credit: Cory Wells/Caters News

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