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Bloke ‘ruins’ family dinner because he couldn’t understand spelling mistake

Bloke ‘ruins’ family dinner because he couldn’t understand spelling mistake

People are slamming the man for his behaviour

Dinner parties can always be somewhat stressful - what with the pressure to entertain a handful of guests all at once, meeting everyone's dietary requirements and picking up all the correct ingredients in time.

However, chuck in a spelling mistake and the whole ordeal seemingly becomes a minefield to navigate, which was exactly what happened when one bloke 'ruined' a family dinner because he couldn’t understand a typo.

One woman took to the 'Am I the A**hole' thread on Reddit to open up a little more about the blunder and its caused quite the stir online.

The woman took to Reddit to explain some context behind the ordeal.
Kenzhar Sharap / Pexels

The woman in question, 25, began the rundown by explaining she types 'very fast' on her phone.

Naturally, this lends itself to sometimes having 'spelling errors' or 'grammar mistakes'.

She wrote: "But as this is a text, I don't think it's that important. I just need the person who I send a message understand what I mean."

However, the woman acknowledged that this particular texting habit 'irritates' her husband before adding: "He has talked to me about it before and for him I usually double check my texts, but last night it slipped my mind."

She had texted her hubby a shopping list to pick up some bits after work as her sister-in-law and her family were coming round for dinner.

Here's the kicker.

"As I typed quickly, I had written coconut mlik instead of coconut milk," she continued.

The family had to say bye-bye to the idea of Thai green curry all over a typo.
Louis Hansel / Unsplash

"I was making Thai green curry, but I realised I didn't have a tin at home, and I had made the curry before my husband was back, I just needed to add the coconut milk and reheat it for when my in-laws would come."

However, when the husband returned home from the shops, the woman realised 'he had brought everything I put on the list, except the coconut milk'.

She went on: "I got annoyed then asked him why he didn't bring that, and he said he couldn't understand what I meant and that next time I should check my spelling before sending a text."

Big yikes.

The woman then told her husband to 'figure out' what they would serve their family who were coming over 'because it wasn't Thai green curry as he didn't bring the coconut milk'.

"I left my husband to then figure out dinner and he got us all takeout instead," she concluded, "which he was upset about doing as he had a hard day at work and I was at home."

What a fiasco all for a tin of coconut mlik.

People slammed the husband for being 'petty'.

The post has since clocked up over 4.3k comments from people eager to share their verdict on the matter.

The majority sided with the woman, with one Reddit user writing: "Is your husband stupid? What other word could 'mlik' mean?

"Kidding, he's not stupid, he's just being unnecessarily petty."


A second penned: "If he didn't understand the list, he could have texted you back or called you to ask. He ruined dinner just to be petty, and you did your best."

"Your husband is being a petty a**hole," hit out a third. "He understood what you needed perfectly fine and chose to be a d*ck."

They continued: "Even if he didn't understand, the list was on his phone. The phone he could have used to call you to ask you to clarify if he needed."

Fair point - whatever happened to not crying over spilt mlik?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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