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Man Shares The Best Way To Get To Sleep If You Struggle

Man Shares The Best Way To Get To Sleep If You Struggle

The YouTuber has offered three tips to help people get that all-important rest

We've all had those nights where sleep just refuses to come no matter how many sheep you might try to count, but now a YouTuber has shared the best way to get that all-important rest.

Inability to sleep always seems to happen at the times when you need it most; when you've got a long day coming up, something you need to be particularly alert for or when you're just trying to catch up on your rest after a heavy weekend.

Even if you feel like you could sleep for a year, sometimes it seems like your brain just won't switch off and you're left tossing and turning all night, often resorting to using your mobile phone or the TV to try and pass the time.

It's a simple move, but YouTuber Lamarr-G has warned that using these kinds of devices is a 'mistake that everybody makes'.

The YouTuber explained the blue light emitted from devices 'tricks our mind into thinking it's daytime', making it difficult for us to fall asleep quickly.

Blue light can contribute to us being unable to fall asleep.

Lamarr-G, whose YouTube page is dedicated to 'Sharing Ideas, Concepts and Tips to Make You a Better Human', shared three specific tips to help people fall asleep, the first being to 'cut off from the digital world' an hour before bedtime.

This prevents us from blasting our brains back into daytime with exposure to blue light, with the YouTuber advising people to set an alarm as a reminder of when to put your phone down, to install a 'blue-blocking app' on your device or to switch Apple devices to 'night shift mode'.

The second tip offered by the YouTuber is to 'immerse yourself in hot water', allowing you to bring down your body temperature thanks to blood rising to the surface of our skin which prompts excess heat to evaporate once you step out of the water, allowing you to cool down and triggering to the body that it's time to sleep.

The YouTuber has given three tips to help people sleep.

Finally, Lamarr-G recommends listening to calming music of 14Hz or less to help relax the brain and allow you to fall asleep quicker. Rather than using your phone to set up the music, the YouTuber suggested investing in a white noise machine.

"I genuinely think sleep is so important for our overall wellbeing, and I don't think people respect it enough," Lamarr-G said.

The tips have been met with gratitude from viewers, with a number of people thanking Lamarr-G for sharing his advice. Here's hoping we'll all be much more well rested from now on!

Featured Image Credit: Lamarr-G/YouTube

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