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Woman admits it was 'super weird' when she realised she’d accidentally married her cousin while pregnant

Woman admits it was 'super weird' when she realised she’d accidentally married her cousin while pregnant

Marcella Hill was a mum-to-be when she made the horror realisation about how close she and her husband were.

Pregnancy can be pretty wild for a lot of women, but this lady's journey to motherhood was especially rocky.

That's because she discovered that the father of her child and husband of 12 years was actually her cousin shortly before they welcomed their tot into the world.

Social media star and entrepreneur Marcella Hill explained she found out her fella was a blood relative while browsing the web for baby names and ending up exploring both of their family trees.

Hill, from Utah, shared a TikTok video detailing the 'funny story' of just how close she is with her other half, which left viewers pretty gobsmacked.

Marcella realised she had married her cousin while expecting his child.

Marcella said she had never 'publicly' revealed the information before sharing the clip online last year, but seemed to have decided it was time to share the bizarre story with others.

She told her followers how she came to the horror realisation, saying: "I was sitting on the couch looking for names for the baby we were about to have and I was on family search.

"I was like, ‘Oh look, grandpa’s name, grandma’s name, great-grandma’s name, great-great-grandma’s name'.

"My husband was next to me on his own family search and was like, ‘Oh that’s funny — we have the same grandma and grandpa’s names'."

I'm sure a feeling of dread washed over the pair and their stomach's dropped, but Marcella explained she initially thought her other half had made a mistake.

The mum named their baby girl after their shared great-great-gran.

She continued: "I look at this line and it's all the same as mine so I think, 'Oh no no, you're still logged into my account!'

"Then we start looking at it and we realise my grandpa is his grandma's first cousin.

"So he calls his grandma and I call my grandpa and we ask them if they know each other…Sure enough, they sure do!

"They lived together when they were growing up as children."

The author revealed that this makes her and her husband 'third cousins', which obviously came as a huge shock to them both as they 'had no idea' - but it didn't split them up.

In another video, Marcella explained that she and her man had a very intimate wedding with a handful of people at a local courthouse, so it's not like their shared relatives realised the link on their big day.

It seems the couple managed to get past their strange connection, as Marcella is still happily married.

She actually said the pair had even been celebrated for their unorthodox relationship in the local community.

The mum added: "We have won a prize for being-the-closest-related-in-a-neighborhood activity. And when I go to my family reunion, he gets to go to his too — at the same time."

The parents ended up naming their daughter after their great-great-gran, Mary Jane Dollar.

These lot took the words keep the family close a bit too seriously.

Featured Image Credit: Marcella Hill/Instagram/TikTok

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