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Woman who married her step-brother admits it was ‘weird’ before they slept together

Woman who married her step-brother admits it was ‘weird’ before they slept together

The pair married just a few years after their parents did

In 2019, Matilda Eriksson, 23, gained a new stepbrother, Samuli, 28.

But just a few years later, she found a husband in her legal sibling as the pair tied the knot themselves.

And despite others slamming their relationship as ‘weird’, they’re more than happy to share their rather unique relationship on TikTok.

Not long after meeting Samuli in 2018, Matilda’s relationship ‘heartbreakingly fell apart’, leaving her convinced she’d ‘never’ meet someone else.

But fast-forward to 2021 and the Finnish woman tells That’s Life! she decided to invite her step bro over for drinks with friends.

“I’d seen Samuli at family gatherings, but we’d never spent much time together otherwise,” she explains.

As the group vibed with each other so well, they started hanging out more and more. And after a few weeks, Matilda noticed her stepbrother's ‘gaze’ on her.

“I got lost in his kind smile, noticing his beautiful blue eyes for the first time,” she recalls.

Matilda and Samuli.

“’What am I doing? What if someone notices? That’s so weird!’ I thought, blushing. ‘He’s my stepbrother!’”

With their ‘chemistry’ growing, Samuli made the odd move which got shut down.

However Matilda says: “No matter how hard we tried to fight it, our feelings continued to bloom.”

They soon found themselves sneaking off at family gatherings, ‘quickly falling in love’.

Confiding in her mum, the woman was told to ‘follow her heart’ and the legal siblings moved in together.

Kind of unsurprisingly, despite telling friends she was the ‘happiest I’ve ever been’, they told her it is ‘just wrong’ and questioned what they were doing.

Samuli told her: “It’s me and you against the world.”

In an almost joint proposal, they said to each other on the dance floor: “Let’s get married.”


They quickly headed to their parents’ house (Matilda’s mum and his dad) who ‘showered’ them in love as they were so happy over the engagement.

With it totally legal to marry a step sibling (in the UK, you have to be over 21 and the youngest mustn’t of lived in the same house as them before reaching 18) they wed in July 2022.

Matilda’s mum told her: “I always knew you two would end up together.”

And her stepdad echoed: “A perfect match just like your mum and me.”

Despite users on TikTok calling their relationship ‘sick’ and telling them to ‘seek therapy’, she says it’s her ‘happily ever after’ and can’t wait for the rest of their future.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/matildaeriksson_

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