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People can't get enough of boy's response to reaching USA Mullet Championship finals

People can't get enough of boy's response to reaching USA Mullet Championship finals

The USA Mullet Championship is in its final stages, and people can't get enough of Emmitt Bailey's response to making it as a finalist.

As of the last few years, more and more people have been seen rocking the return of the 80s mullet. Some people can't get enough of it, others not so much. Check out this powerful mullet:

But much like other iconic fashion trends that have returned in recent years, such as flares and 90s hair blowouts, those who love mullets really love them.

And the power of mullet-lovers has manifested itself in an unexpected way as of late, as internet users were shocked to discover that the mullet has grown so intensely popular that it’s led to the creation of a mullet championship in the USA. Yep, you heard that right, a competition dealing exclusively in mullets.

Hundreds of kids in the states entered the competition in a bid to win the $2,500 prize up for grabs and show off their carefully-curated masterpieces.

CBS Minnesota

But competition is fierce, and these kids have had to work hard to push their mullets to new heights, working to devise new and spectacular ways to make their mullet standout from the crowd, including patterns shaved into their hair and spikes on top.

And now only the final round remains, so the competition has been whittled down to just four kids before the final winner is announced.

One of these four kids is eight-year-old Emmitt Bailey, who has delighted social media users everywhere with his reaction to making it to the finals.

When talking about his mullet journey and discovering the competition, Emmitt told CBS Minnesota: “Last year my parents found out about it, but it already started, so then we did it this year”.

CBS Minnesota

And as expected, his mullet is undeniably an impressive display.

Emmitt's dad, Eric Bailey, also said in an interview: " It was $10 to enter and all of the donations are going to the Michigan Wig Foundation for kids". A heartwarming touch to a unique competition.

And it seems Emmitt's already given the prize money a lot of thought, as he’s apparently said he’d like to trade in the cash for a go-kart. Wouldn’t we all, Emmitt.

Voting is still underway for the contestants, so the winner is yet to be decided. There can only be one winner, but there's every chance Emmitt could be the owner of a new go-kart in the very near future.

Featured Image Credit: CBS News

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