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Mum 'ruins' car after accidentally using wrong product to clean entire vehicle

Rhiannon Ingle

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Mum 'ruins' car after accidentally using wrong product to clean entire vehicle

One mum has totally ruined her car after making a very big mistake in her choice of cleaning product.

Hoping to finish the cleaning job and end up with a squeaky clean ride, this woman was in for quite the shock after realising she'd just butchered her car's entire interior.

To be fair - the mum did lighten up the interior but clearly not in the way she wanted. Check out the blunder here:



Two daughters couldn't believe just how much their mum messed up and have since shared her major fail to TikTok which has now gone viral online.

Acting as both comic relief and a cautionary tale to any car-owners out there, it's clear that this mum will now always remember to double-check her cleaning product labels.

Instead of going for the usual disinfectant or surface cleaner, the mum had picked up a can of white vinyl spray and used it to clean the whole interior of her Mazda - with no nook or cranny spared.

Talk about a thorough job!

"Oh my god what has she done?"Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells
"Oh my god what has she done?"Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells

The video shows the dark interior totally ruined with blotches of the white spray completely covering the seats, dashboard, steering wheel and doors.

In the TikTok, the daughters revealed that their mum used spray paint instead of vinyl cleaner to clean her car and can be heard uncontrollably cracking up in the background.

One of the sisters laughed: "Oh my god, what has she done? She has totally f**ked her whole car!"


"Oh my god mum," she said, "What have you done?"

The clip then pans to the spray in question with a label that reads 'New Look Vinyl Spray'.

The slogan below reads: "Don't delay it, motospray it".

"She has totally f***ked her whole car!" Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells
"She has totally f***ked her whole car!" Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells

"Well, f**k, she did that," the daughter concluded, still in hysterics over the whole fiasco.

The video was captioned: "When mum thinks spray paint is vinyl cleaner…" and has since amassed over 1,700,000 views with thousands of people in stitches at the fateful error.

One TikToker wrote: "Their slogan at the bottom 'Don’t Delay It!' She listened too much, bless her."

"She didn’t stop after the first time aha, bless her," sympathised another, while a third asked: "How did she not realise after the first door?"


A fourth clearly saw an artistic element to the cleaning fail, likening the mum's botch spray job to graffiti artist, Banksy.

The wrote: "Banks-ifying her car. Priceless."

"Banks-ifying her car. Priceless." Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells
"Banks-ifying her car. Priceless." Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells

Others, however, defended the mum's mistake, noting that the label was not entirely clear to begin with.

"I don’t understand that label! That appears to be vinyl cleaner to me too!" one admitted.

While another agreed with: "I see a lawsuit. That's very misleading."

"Hands up everyone who still thinks that looks like vinyl cleaner," a final TikTok user posted and, considering it was one of the most-liked comments under the video, it's clear that this mum probably hasn't been the first to make such a mistake.

Like it or not - you can't deny that this spray definitely gave the mum's car a totally 'new look'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thecantwells

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Rhiannon Ingle
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