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Couple Who Fell In Love Online Met For First Time For Their Wedding

Couple Who Fell In Love Online Met For First Time For Their Wedding

Lisa is now waiting for her husband to join her in the UK

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A couple who fell in love while chatting online met for the first time just days before their wedding.

Lisa Mrad had been speaking to Yusef Mrad for three months when she got down on her virtual knee and popped the big question.

But Lisa, 36, didn't meet her lover until she flew out to Tunisia, just four days before they were due to tie the knot.

Speaking about her whirlwind romance, Lisa says she's sure Yusef, 30, is 'the one'.

The mum-of-one, from Nottingham, said: "There was a point where I was sat on the plane and I thought oh my god what am I actually doing here, how is this real?

"I felt really nervous on the flight but as soon as I saw Yusef, all my worries melted away - it just felt right with him, I don't know how else to explain it.

"I love Yusef so much - ours is a love story and a crazy one at that.

The couple met on the dating site Tagged.

"When I first spoke to him and saw his photos, I was like I'll make him my husband!"

And the feeling was mutual for Yusef, who said it never felt awkward between them.

The customer service worker said: "Lisa is a good woman. She is beautiful, kind, warm, and very mature in her mind.

"We were both very nervous about meeting for the first time, but when I picked her up in the airport and we spoke, it was like it wasn't the first time we meet, it felt like we knew each other for years, it was so easy to talk."

The couple first met when they matched on dating site Tagged. After months of messaging, they eventually swapped numbers and started chatting for hours at a time.

The couple tied the knot just four days after meeting each other in person.

Then, Lisa eventually plucked up the courage to ask him to be her husband, and on 21 February she flew over to Tunisia, where they got married at a registry office just a few days later.

Lisa said: "I actually didn't even tell my family or friends before I went out there that we were getting married. I just surprised them all with the news when I got back!

"I just didn't want people to be negative about our relationship or put a dampener on what was so special to me, so I kept it between us until after the wedding."

After the wedding, they spent a week with each other, before Lisa flew home to her son Justin.

The couple are now desperately trying to save up enough money for Yusef to move over to the UK.

Lisa is now waiting for her husband to come and join her in Nottingham.

Lisa said: "Yusef isn't bothered whether we live in Tunisia or the UK, he just wants us to be together, but I would like to stay here as my son is settled at a specialist school.

"Justin has got ADHD and autism so it is important he has the right support, and him and Yusef get on really well, he's just amazing with him and Justin really likes him."

Adding: "I thought I'd be OK waiting six months to see him whilst we save up for him to move here, but I've literally cried every day since I've been back, I miss him so much."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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