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Gladiator's Jet has secret wedding to wife she met in supermarket

Gladiator's Jet has secret wedding to wife she met in supermarket

The ITV star opened up about the secret ceremony

In the era of social media stalking and online dating - it's quite comforting to know you can still meet the love of your life by simply bumping into one another while grocery shopping

Well, for Gladiators star, Jet, this was exactly the case after she had a secret wedding to her wife, whom she first met in the supermarket.

Talk about a meet cute.

Diane Youdale starred as Jet in iconic ITV 90s series Gladiators.

Jet - real name Diane Youdale - first shot to fame after appearing on the iconic ITV game show back in the 90s.

Since then, the 53-year-old has opened up about getting engaged to her girlfriend Zoe Gilbert, 48, who she adorably first crossed paths with in Tesco.

Now, while many of us would head to the supermarket in search of milk, eggs and maybe some bog roll - it's clear the Gladiators star got a whole lot more than just her groceries and found love instead.

Youdale appeared on the Chillin with Ice podcast hosted by Lori Fetrick - a.k.a. Ice from the American version of Gladiators - and revealed to her fans exactly how she found her Mrs Right in the first place.

"Just over a year ago, a gorgeous lady approached me in my local supermarket and asked if I was single," she said. "And over a year later, we're going to get married."

She continued: "We are what we are and it doesn't matter. I don't give a damn.

"I'm safe and I'm loved and there's no threat to me anymore and that's what means the world to me."

Youdale is engaged to a woman named Zoe.
YouTube/Chillin with Ice

The ITV star has since got married to Zoe just last week after a year-and-a-half of dating and has opened up about what the ceremony was like.

"We're married!" she revealed. "We kept it very, very quiet. Literally nine people on the planet knew."

Youdale explained: "When you're in the public eye [...] things just run away with you.

"I'm in my 50s now and we're both very private people, so we thought 'You know, let's just keep this really quiet.' Not even our nearest and dearest knew because we wanted to keep it really tiny."

Speaking to Closer magazine, Youdale dished on the outfit deets for the special day.

"It was casual, I didn't wear a dress," she said. "I wore a nice boho-type top, trousers and a beautiful pair of sandals.

"Zoe wore her chinos, brogues, and a nice shirt with a waistcoat. She looked ever so smart. I cried a lot."

Recalling the life-changing moment when she first met her future spouse, Youdale shared: "Zoe came up to me and said 'You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen' and at that point my knees nearly gave way."

Congratulations Diane and Zoe!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Chillin with ice ITV

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