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Meet The 14-Year-Old That Has A Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking

Meet The 14-Year-Old That Has A Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking

Bloody clever.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

We all know that Stephen Hawking is a highly intelligent bloke. Although he is majorly clever, he is a bit of a fraud. From Oxford but speaks in that phony American accent? You're fooling no one, Ste.

Sharvin Jeyendran, on the other hand, is the real deal.

The 14-year-old is officially Australia's smartest kid with an IQ of 168, which is higher than Stephen Hawking's.

Credit: 9 News Perth via YouTube

According to Nine News, Sharvin is naturally smart and was never pressured academically by his parents. Lucky bastard, I was pressured by my parents and still ended up thick.

Both of his parents say that they believed he was a genius when he was able to hold a conversation at 9-months-old. That's some going, I'm 22 and I can't get through a conversation without laughing if someone says 'do do'.

"He started talking like a normal child - like how a two or three year old could speak with a proper sentences and grammar. We were encouraging him, so I think if any parents will do this and need to do this, kids' brains are like sponge, they will absorb whatever," Sharvin's mother Deva told Nine News.

Not only is Sharvin the smartest kid in Australia, but his IQ places him among the top two per cent of intelligent people in the world.

His intelligence will surely pay dividends for himself in the future, but he also aims to use his knowledge to benefit everybody else.

"When I grow up I want to be a biological scientist, I want to try find a cure for cancer,' he said. "I also want to be a marine biologist to explore the seas and also have my own charity for all the poor people in the world," Sharvin told Nine News.

Good on you, lad.

Words by Mark McGowan

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