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Doctor issues warning about peeing in the shower

Doctor issues warning about peeing in the shower

In a worst case scenario, it could even lead to 'some leakage' down the line

If you thought peeing in the shower was a gross if innocuous habit, it turns out you're dead wrong.

A doctor has taken to TikTok to explain that weeing in the shower could lead to 'some leak issues' further down the line in a worst case scenario.

She runs through this and other peeing habits you should definitely kick below:

Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas took to TikTok (@thepelvicdancefloor) where she listed some of the habits people may have picked up that could actually have 'huge consequences' down the line.

In the video, Dr Jeffrey-Thomas points out things that include pushing out your pee (or poop) and hovering over the toilet (but what about festivals?!).

She also lists peeing 'just in case' (exceptions include before bed, before/after sex and before a car journey that will last over an hour) and doing kegel exercises without being evaluated by a pelvic floor PT.

It's time to stop peeing in the shower, guys.

Explaining why we shouldn't pee in the shower in an earlier video, she said: "If you pee in the shower or turn on the faucet or turn on the shower and then sit on the toilet to pee while the water is running, you're creating an association in your brain between the sound of running water and having to pee.

"Combo that with pelvic floor dysfunction, either now or down the line and that's gonna potentially lead to some leak issues when you hear running water outside of the shower.

"Unfortunately, those of us that were assigned female at birth and have that anatomy, we're not designed to pee standing up... your pelvic floor isn't going to be relaxing properly meaning that we're not going to be emptying our bladder super well."

Leaving people with some advice, she added: "Try and pee before you even turn on the shower or water and if you get the urge while you're in the shower, try to ignore it."

Peeing in the shower could lead to leakage if combined with pelvic floor dysfunction.

In the comments, many people rushed to defend the habit.

One wrote: "I'm just tryna save water it's not that deep."

Another asked: "But what about all the times we go to the bathroom without running water? Shouldn't this do something to counteract the fewer times water is on?"

A third said: "I'm an ocean girl and I've peed while swimming my entire childhood and now I feel the urge every time I touch water. I can't get rid of it."

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