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As we are having a true British summer this year consisting of rain, rain and more rain, many are jetting off abroad for a bit of sun.

While some will jet off for a nice family break, others will be heading to party destinations with their pals for the ultimate sesh.

And of course, a lads holiday is going to bring a lot of banter and hilarious pranks along the way - something this particular bloke knows all about.

Lads holidays are full of pranks, aren't they?

If you are a regular flyer, you'll know that nicely printed out boarding passes from the airlines are a thing of the past nowadays.

Now, you'll often download your boarding pass onto your phone or print it out using a printer at home.

Well, in a video uploaded to TikTok by Lee Bonnie (@leebonnie2707), one of the lads was pranked as he was handed his boarding pass in the form of an AO piece of paper.

And as you can see by the video, the result is a hilariously massive Ryanair boarding pass.

The video which has been viewed over a million times at time of writing, sees the lads in hysterics as the poor bloke continuously opens the paper before going through security at Dublin airport.

The boarding pass was hilariously massive.

Many have flocked to the comment section of the video and are absolutley loving it.

"I’ve watched that a few times now. Can’t stop laughing. The lads laughter is contagious," one person wrote, while another added: "The start of a good holiday!"

Top prank, lads!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@leebonnie2707

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