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Mums go on 12 hour trip to Ibiza for £34 and get back for school run

Mums go on 12 hour trip to Ibiza for £34 and get back for school run

Rebecca Rattcliff and her mates jetted off to Ibiza for the day, and still made it back in time for work on Monday morning

So the saying goes, you've either got to go hard or go home.

Well, a group of mums seriously put that to the test when they jetted out to Ibiza for a 12-hour holiday before making it back in time for the school run.

Rebecca Rattcliff, a travel consultant from Manchester, decided that she was in need of some vitamin D, and thought that there was no place better to go than the iconic Balearic island.

The 38-year-old roped in a bunch of pals, they booked their return flights for just £34, and then set off on their 'Sunday Funday'.

"I have four children and between the six of us we have 15 children," Rebecca said.

"We were keen to look for a good deal and everybody loves the Ibiza sunshine.

Rebecca and her mates jetted off for a day out in Ibiza.

"We found Ryanair flights on Skyscanner, and we knew for everyone to be able to come it had to be that Sunday."

The group flew out from Manchester Airport at 6am (26 March), arriving in Beefa for a spot of food and some well-earned cocktails in Ibiza Town before hitting up San Antonio bay.

The travel consultant said: "We had brunch at Passion Cafe and had an explore around the marina.

"Quite a lot of the shops were shut but it was scenic and beautiful.

"We had cocktails overlooking the marina and then the transfer picked us up and drove us to San Antonio bay."

After their boozy brunch, the gals then headed down to the beach, catching some rays while relaxing on their biodegradable roll-up towels.

The 38-year-old is no stranger to the day trip abroad, having flown to Lanzarote in January.

"We ended up doing 26k steps just exploring and then we went for a beautiful dinner at a place called Bresca," said Rebecca, who previously flew out to Lanzarote for the day in January.

After dinner, the gang rounded off their trip by watching the sunset at Café Mambo before being picked up by their transfer to catch their 11pm flight back to the UK.

"We had to be back at the airport for 8.15pm for our flight at 10pm but there was a 40-minute delay," Rebecca said.

"We also had no idea what time it was because of the clocks changing."

And while for many of us the thought of going to work the day after going out in Ibiza sounds like hell, Rebecca and her mates did just that.

She added: "We were so blessed with the weather - the sky was cloudless.

The women managed to make it back in time for the school run and work the next day.

"It was such a good day - I spent time in gorgeous company with supportive female friends all on the mum journey together.

"It was a blissful day off to treasure and we all felt we'd been there longer than a day.

"You feel refreshed after 12 hours in the sunshine."

If you're thinking of following in their footsteps, here's their itinerary:

1.30am - Wake up

6am - Flight to Ibiza

10am - Brunch in Ibiza town

Midday - Cocktail time

1.15pm - Arrive in San Antonio

6pm - Dinner time at Bresca

7pm - Sunset at Cafe Mambo

11pm - Flight back to Manchester

1.15am - Arrive back in the UK

6.30am - Up for the school run

Some people are built different.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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