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Man Leaves People Shocked With 'Cardiac Arrest In A Box' Fried Meal

Man Leaves People Shocked With 'Cardiac Arrest In A Box' Fried Meal

The chippy customer ordered a whole range of fried goods

Most people love a bit of fried food every now and again, but one man left people questioning how he's 'still alive' after sharing a picture of his 'cardiac arrest in a box' dinner.

We Brits are known for our fish and chips, but whether we like to accept it or not, it's not a healthy meal. Though the fish itself probably held a few nutrients at one point, they're undoubtedly offset by the deep-fried batter it's surrounded by - not to mention the hefty portion of chunky chips and lashings of salt and vinegar that typically accompany them.

Of course, fish isn't the only 'main' you can get at a chippy - you can also opt for alternatives such as pies, deep-fried sausages or, apparently, deep fried pizza.

Chip shops also offer sausages and pies with their chips.
Ian Dagnall/Alamy Stock Photo

I have to admit I've never personally come across such an offering at a chippy, but this dish is known as 'pizza crunch' and formed part of an order made by Reddit user u/Eamonsieur, who explained: "Soak a pizza in fish batter and deep fry it, and you got yerself a pizza crunch." Got it.

In a post on the thread 'CasualUK', the customer revealed that they didn't just get a pizza crunch, but also what appears to be a deep-fried black pudding and a portion of chips.

Alongside an image of their order, they wrote: "I think my arteries are well f**ked."

In case you were in any doubt about the nutrient value of this meal, allow me to break it down for you.

We have the dough, cheese and tomato of the pizza, the potato of the chips, the blood and fat that constitutes a black pudding, and the batter and oil used to fry it all.

The order contained crunch pizza, black pudding and chips.

It's no wonder Reddit users were concerned for the health of the person eating it.

Responding to the image, one Redditor wrote: "Jesus Christ mate, how are you still alive?"

Another shocked internet user questioned how such orders were allowed when the government previously made such an effort to crack down on sugar contents, writing: "They took the sugar out of everything but allow this to be sold. My heart winced just looking at it."

Though this particular takeaway might prove too much for some, apparently Eamonsieur is no stranger to such orders as one Reddit user actually recognised them for another of their past meals, writing: "Also, are you the deep fried haggis guy from the other day?"

Eamonsieur confirmed they were, with their ability to reply indicating their arteries are holding up OK so far.

Featured Image Credit: Eamonsieur/Reddit

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