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Bloke forced to wear dedicated ‘curry top’ to save his relationship

Bloke forced to wear dedicated ‘curry top’ to save his relationship

The Scottish dad is such a messy eater he now wears a permanently stained top on date night

We all say we’d do ‘anything’ for those we love. But would be willing to wear a dirty top in public, over and over again?

And no, not that kind of dirty, I’m talking a stained, marked t-shirt instead of a nice fresh one for a night out.

That’s what this bloke has agreed to do in order to save his relationship.

Derek Strange, from Edinburgh, Scotland, has his own dedicated ‘curry top’ that he wears for date night.

I mean, it’s a little relatable to drop the odd bit of food on your clothes but this 43-year-old is so guilty of it his partner gets p***ed off.

Fiancée Lindsey Hatton was sick of doing his laundry and even having to bin his clothes after the bloke kept ruining them.

Derek scrans a curry at least twice a week, so you can only imagine the amount of t-shirts he’s gone through.

After too many yellow-stained tops, CASS analyst Lindsey 'decided to take action' and suggested he dedicated one for eating in.

Derek's beloved 'curry top'.
Kennedy News and Media

With him wearing it both at home and at restaurants, she says their relationship is now ‘a lot calmer’.

Plus, Derek even has a little song in honour of his spicy ‘tie-dye’ top - named ‘Curry Top’.




The Scottish bloke said: "We're a two-curry a week kind of family, we love Indian food.

"I'm quite a messy eater, I don't mean to be, I've ruined a few tops. was brought up eating quickly, maybe that's the problem.

"I first spilled food on it about six weeks ago and now it's my dedicated eating top, I've been putting it on every time we eat curry.

"When I'm wearing it I don't care [about making mess], I even enjoy wiping my hands on it."

Unsurprisingly, Derek’s top went viral on Facebook as he says it’s ‘gone down a storm’.

Lindsey came up with the idea.
Kennedy News and Media

However, he does have a bit of trouble getting in restaurants every now and again.

“They might not let us through the door if I have it on. I’ll have to sneak it in,” the music teacher admitted.

Lindsey confessed she’s always had a ‘personal battle’ with his messy eating for the eight years they’ve been together.

She said: "Instead of berating him or laying out some dark clothes when it was curry day, neither of which has worked in the past, I suggested he had a dedicated curry top one that he could wear for every curry and get as messy as he liked.

"When I suggested it, his eyes lit up. I said 'you can get as many stains on it as you like. I'll wash it but I won't have to bother getting the stains out'. He was quite excited at the prospect.”

She added that he started getting ‘proud’ of the stains and could point out which curry each was from.

That’s some dedication to a messy night on the scran.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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