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Woman mortified after 'finding Harry Potter character' in her baby scan photo

Woman mortified after 'finding Harry Potter character' in her baby scan photo

She thinks she's spotted a familiar face

A Harry Potter fan reckons she spotted a character from the beloved franchise in her baby scan.

For expectant parents, getting a glimpse of your unborn baby is an exciting time - and it was no different for mum-to-be Jess.

The TikTok user, who uses the handle @jessiiiiccaaaa, said she was looking forward to sharing the snap with her nearest dearest - but was left surprised after realising her unborn child looked like ‘Dobby the house elf’.

Sharing a snap of the scan with the caption, Jess wrote: “When you were so excited to get a cute scan picture to announce your pregnancy.

“But it turns out you’re giving birth to Dobby the house elf.”

Captioning the video, she joked: “I was excited to read Harry Potter with my kids but I didn't expect them to be into it already.”

The funny clip has since been viewed almost 100,000 times and has been flooded with comments from people who were quick to share that their scan photos had a similar theme.

One said: “My baby looked like the big stone heads from Easter Island on the first one I got.”

Another commented: “In one of my scan photos, my baby is facing out and looks like a Slitheen from Dr Who.”

While a third wrote: “MINE LOOKED LIKE THIS TOO!! We thought he was like Penguin from Batman.”

And someone else said: “Paid privately for my 16 week scan and the pictures look like Voldemort has taken over my womb.”

In a reply to one commenter Jess jokingly added: “It was not the one I chose for instagram obviously.”

And if you think scan photos can look a bit unusual, then wait until you see how an MRI scan of a soon-to-be born baby looks.

Yep this is how unborn babies look in MRI scans.
X/Harvard Medical School

While undergoing an ultrasound is pretty normal practice during pregnancy, occasionally an MRI may be required.

An MRI machine 'uses magnetic fields and radio waves' to take loads of cross-sectional pictures of the body and one might be ordered for the foetus to 'evaluate abnormalities in the baby's brain, spine, and body', according to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

But it’s fair to say they give off a very different vibe to the ultrasound and can often leave the uninitiated a little shocked and it’s easy to see why, really isn’t it?

The photos were so outrageous that fact-checking website Snopes did an investigation to see if they were real - which they were.

So there you go.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @jessiiiiccaaaa

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