Bristol Chef Sacked After Serving Woman £13 Camembert In Asda Packaging

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Bristol Chef Sacked After Serving Woman £13 Camembert In Asda Packaging

If you've got a nice meal booked, do you ever look at the menu to plan exactly what you're going to eat hours - or days - before you get there? Us too.

But imagine how cheesed off (sorry not sorry) you'd be if you were the diner who ordered an expensive-sounding baked Camembert - only for it to be served in own-brand Asda packaging.

Now, the chef at the Severnshed restaurant in Bristol, has been sacked according to management.



Customer Emma Daniels ordered a baked camembert at the restaurant, which was on the menu for £13, but was shocked to discover when it was revealed not to be a fancy imported delicacy, but a product that could be easily bought at a local branch of the UK supermarket.

On Asda's shelves, the French cheese is sold for £1.15. Ouch.

Emma took to review site TripAdvisor, writing: "When we go out to eat we realise you pay for more than just the ingredients, you pay for atmosphere, staff, cooking etc etc.

"What I didn't expect was to order a sharing starter of Camembert and to be served Asda's own brand Camembert in the original packaging!!


"Even when I cook it at home I cook it in a terracotta dish!!

Credit: SWNS/Asda
Credit: SWNS/Asda

"From there my expectations sunk and weren't lifted - the mains were bland and we felt we could have cooked better at home.

"Cocktails were tasty and nicely presented and were the only good thing of our visit.

"Service charge is added sneakily on your bill so you don't really notice - I certainly didn't and wish I had as the service after our mains were delivered was practically non existent.

"I didn't notice the service charge as I was reeling at being charged £13 for Asda's £1.15 Camembert.

"Got given a loyalty card at the end... I don't think so".

Credit: TripAdvisor
Credit: TripAdvisor

Yes, as if the Camembert wasn't offensive enough, they were given a loyalty card, which might be considered rubbing salt in the wound.

Restaurant manager, Ashley Kirwan, told The Caterer magazine: "We have taken action and the chef who was responsible is no longer in the business.

"This is absolutely not normal practice. We don't do that and there was a genuine mistake. I am not prepared to comment on the ins and outs of it but it happened.

"I have spoken to the guest and explained the situation to her and she is going to come back and dine with us in the future to restore some faith.


"We care about this kind of thing - it is our reputation and my reputation as well and it is going to take a bit of time to build that back up."

Looks like Emma may be visiting the restaurant again soon, then - wonder what review she'll write after her return trip.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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