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Man Who Invited Tinder Match For A 'Job Interview' Is Getting Married To Her

Man Who Invited Tinder Match For A 'Job Interview' Is Getting Married To Her

Creativity paid off in this case

Getting matches on Tinder is all well and good, but setting yourself apart from the millions of other people on there isn't always easy.

One lad definitely got his matches' attention, when instead of giving it the usual 'Hey hows u?', he sent her an invitation to an 'initial interview'.

Jason got creative with his opening message to his future fiancee.

Jason Forry, from Edinburgh, sent the message to his Tinder match, Natalie Anderson, which very nearly backfired on him.

Natalie's 'HR team' received the request saying that there had been technical difficulties which had led to a mistake swipe.

He very nearly got swerved.

Not one to accept being swerved, Jason made a deal with Natalie, that if the screenshots of their conversation got 200 likes on Facebook she would have to go on a date with him. The interview request obviously did the job, with the pair going on a date about two weeks after their first message.

Jason told LADbible: "I asked her if I got 200 likes on my Facebook by sharing the screen shots I would get to take her on a date, I did get the 200 we went out for drinks on our first date and drank so much my friend had to pick us up and take her home at 10pm."

Always a sign of a good date, in my opinion.


He continued: "We went on a few more dates and ended up making it official on 19th December 2015 we moved in together a year later and adopted a cat called Marley from the animal rescue in Bonnyrigg."

And then things stepped up a bit last week.

Jason added: "We got engaged on Saturday. I booked for Natalie to get nails done beforehand.

"We were just about to leave the house when she asked what was in my pocket so had to do it in the living room. She cried, so was handy she could just go and fix her make up."

After Natalie accepted his proposal, Jason shared screenshots of their initial conversation on Twitter - and people absolutely loved his creative first message, as well as hes now fiancee's witty reply.

He posted: "Mental that I'm gonna marry the girl who ripped the pish out on me on Tinder."

Up to now the tweet has had over 64,000 likes, showing that people seem quite pleased have some hope that Tinder isn't a pit of despair.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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