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Mum Wraps Up Entire Bathroom For Elf On The Shelf Prank

Mum Wraps Up Entire Bathroom For Elf On The Shelf Prank

This is some serious dedication to Elf on the Shelf

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A mum has gone above and beyond with her Elf on the Shelf prank, completely covering her bathroom - toilet included - in wrapping paper.

Rosie Scudder, 27, wanted to spread a bit of Christmas magic in her home for her sons Harry, six, and Max, three, so got an Elf on the Shelf doll.

Mercury News and Media

Rosie and her husband Sam painstakingly covered the entire bathroom in red wrapping paper on Sunday night when the kids were in bed and then blamed it Buddy the elf.

Rosie said: "They thought it was amazing. My eldest said 'Oh wow, Buddy did all this. Buddy's cheeky. How am I going to have a bath?'

"My younger one, Max, was shocked. Seeing his face made it all worthwhile. He was blown away really.

"Max screamed and then Harry came running in. They were both just absolutely amazed that a little elf could do all that.

"I want them to keep believing. I have lots of ideas involving Buddy to help keep the magic, to show he's watching them."

Rosie shared shots of her handiwork on social media, which show off the full extent of her efforts.

The couple left the entire room wrapped up for two days - during which time they used the downstairs bathroom.

Mercury News and Media

She added: "We left it like that for two days.

"People think I'm nuts. It was effortless though really. We actually reused some of the wrapping paper, like the bits on the doors, to wrap presents so it didn't go to waste.

"We didn't reuse the wrapping paper on the actual toilet itself.

"It was minimal effort really but great results to see the boys' faces."

Rosie has been dreaming up creative things for the little elf to get up to for the past two Christmases.

"I have an official Elf on the Shelf. We have had [it] for two years so it's all a bit of a game," Rosie continued.

Mercury News and Media

"We've got lots of ideas still. My husband and I enjoy it as much as the kids do.

"Usually, we wait for the kids to go to bed and then do something as the elf.

"It is a great time of the year."

Featured Image Credit: Mercury News and Media

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