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Police Stop 'Dangerous' Driver Who Crammed Car Full Of Junk

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Police Stop 'Dangerous' Driver Who Crammed Car Full Of Junk

Stunned police stopped a man driving around with his car full of rubbish, with even more tied down to the roof.

Sussex Roads Police in the south of England were shocked to discover the 'dangerous' motorist on the road, who had stuffed his vehicle with mountains of garbage and also fixed a washing machine and several planks of wood on top.

They ultimately arrested him in Brighton, East Sussex and it doesn't sound like he went quietly either.

Posting from their official Twitter account with the hashtag #NoExcuse, the local roads police wrote: "Colleague stopped the driver of this vehicle earlier in #Brighton.

Credit: Twitter/Sussex Roads Police
Credit: Twitter/Sussex Roads Police

"Transpired the driver thought travelling around with all this on his roof was okay!

"He's been arrested for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition and assaulting a Police Officer."

Looking at the image that the police provided, it's hard not to agree with them that the driver was a danger on the road.


How would he have a chance of being able to look out the back window? Plus, how long would it have been before that washing machine had flown off the roof?

The arrest has quickly gone viral, with users on Twitter quick to flock to the post and register their own amazement at just how jam-packed the car was.

"Those are the best police stop photos today, bar none! What a total plank the driver is!" one person joked.

Credit: Twitter/Sussex Roads Police
Credit: Twitter/Sussex Roads Police

A second said: "Of course it was safe, it was tied to the windscreen wiper!"

Another commented: "Was he moving house, or on the way to the dump?"

While a fourth person said: "As a motorcyclist that fills me with dread! Imagine a washing machine bouncing towards you on the motorway! Idiot."

Incredibly enough, this might not even have been the most brainless driver that police have had to pullover in the UK this year.


Perhaps that accolade goes to this man from Dundee, who - back when the weather was much more wintry - opted to ignore the snow and ice that had completely covered his car, and take it out for a spin anyway.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

The man was charged with dangerous driving after maneuvering his red car with a windscreen almost completely covered in snow save for a tiny space he'd cleared. He was stopped at the Dunsinane Industrial Estate in Dundee, Scotland

Police said it was the 'most extreme lack of preparation' they'd ever seen, and the driver was similarly lambasted on social media.


One person said: "This driver must have been last in the queue when brains were handed out makes me wonder how some of them pass their driving tests."

Another added: "I can barely believe that's real, if it's genuine, that clown should be never be anywhere near a road with a vehicle."

Honestly, they'll give anyone a driver's license these days.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Sussex Roads Police

Topics: Police, UK News, Driving, crime

Simon Catling
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