One Dead And Five Seriously Unwell Flamingos Discovered In Boxes At Airport
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Hurricane Irma Sucks The Water Out Of The Sea In The Bahamas

Hurricane Irma Sucks The Water Out Of The Sea In The Bahamas

A rare phenomenon caused by Hurricane Irma has meant the sea along the shoreline in the Bahamas has been sucked away, giving shocked beachgoers the chance to see the ocean floor.

Several videos have appeared online showing the seabed, which would usually be under several feet of water, and dry land as far as the eye could see at the Bight, Long Island.

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In one video a man can be seen walking across the seafloor, finding shells and even stumbling across a massive anchor.

The water is likely to have returned to normal by Sunday afternoon, and it 'probably won't rush back with any great force', according to atmospheric scientist and Washington Post's deputy weather editor Angela Fritz.

The eye of Hurricane Irma. Credit: PA


Explaining why the unusual phenomenon has happened, she wrote: "Basically, Hurricane Irma is so strong and its pressure is so low, it's sucking water from its surroundings into the core of the storm."

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LAD Flies Plane Through Hurricane Irma And Videos His Experience

Hurricane Irma has caused mass destruction as it made its way through the Caribbean, with powerful winds and heavy rain which led to flooding. At least 25 people are reported to have died after the hurricane hit several islands over the past few days.

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Hurricane Irma: LADs 'Make The Most' Of Storm In Miami

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It's now making its way to Florida and could be the worst storm to ever hit the state. So far around 6.3 million people have been told to evacuate, according to CNN.

Local media reports say that storm shelters are filling up fast, and some have already been forced to turn residents away.

Florida's governor Rick Scott said: "If you have been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now. Do not wait. Evacuate. Not tonight, not in an hour. You need to go right now."


The hurricane has destroyed parts of Cuba. Credit: PA

The storm has been upgraded to a category four as it nears Florida, with maximum sustained winds of 130mph (209kmh), according to the BBC.

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