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Woman Sleepwalks Into Snow While Dreaming She's At Pool Party

Woman Sleepwalks Into Snow While Dreaming She's At Pool Party

She makes sure all her 'guests' have got a drink

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A woman who sleepwalks regularly filmed herself walking out into the snow while thinking she was at a pool party. Watch her go:

Podcaster and author Celina, who goes by the username @Celinaspookyboo on TikTok has been sharing videos of her nightly adventures - and she certainly gets around.

On one particular video, the beauty brand owner was clearly dreaming she was at a party - remember those things pre-coronavirus where we could enjoy ourselves and hug our mates?

Anyway, the particular party Celina was dreaming of was a pool party - as good a party as any.


In the footage, she could be seen grabbing armfuls of drink cans and walking across her front lawn.

However, unlike her dream, in which she was most likely imagining a summer's day, it's actually the depths of winter, and it was covered in snow.

Being the perfect host, she makes a few trips out into the snow, throwing bevvies as if she's handing them out to all her guests while they sun themselves.

She starts to make some incoherent chatter - maybe she's been drinking since the start of the pool party in her dream.

But then she can be quite clearly heard saying 'it's like a moose knuckle'. Now, if you're not sure what that is, let's just say it's the male version of a camel toe.

She captioned the video: "I think this is my favourite one."

A passer-by can even be seen watching Selina tend to her imaginary guests' needs.

Celina's night-time exploits are keeping viewers entertained.

One TikTok user wrote: "I can't even breathe. I'm losing it. This is the best one."

Someone else wrote: "Imagine seeing someone laughing and throwing soda at the lawn while you're walking at night.

Celina kindly hands out cans to all her pool party mates.

A third joked: "Oh please let that man see this video. I guarantee he needs closure otherwise he's still sitting at home wondering what the hell was going on."

Other things she gets up to include sprinkling sunflower seeds on her living room floor, having a dinner party which ended when she ran outside, to which her boyfriend Adam had to go and grab her and bring her in.

Although you might have heard that it's dangerous to wake someone up from sleepwalking, the main danger is that they could become disorientated and lash out.

The NHS suggests the best thing to do is to gently guide them back to bed, while making sure all trip hazards are removed to avoid injury.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Celinaspookyboo

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