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Woman's ‘Haunted Doll’ Causes ‘Nausea And Headaches' Just By Looking At Her Photo

Woman's ‘Haunted Doll’ Causes ‘Nausea And Headaches' Just By Looking At Her Photo

The doll now has to be locked in a cabinet at Zak Bragans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman bought a 'haunted doll' that she says left dozens of people with nausea, headaches and chest pains just by looking at its photo.

The creepy doll, who it's since been claimed is haunted by the spirit of a woman named Peggy, is also said to have made those who come into contact with her ill and now has to be locked in a cabinet.

Back in 2014, paranormal investigator Jayne Harris was called out by a woman who claimed that since buying a vintage doll she'd been experiencing all sorts of weird goings on at home and was unable to sleep.


The woman became so spooked she wrapped the 3ft-tall doll up in some old carpet and put it in a shed outside her home and called in the experts.

Jayne told LADbible: "I was contacted by the lady who told me she had a doll - the doll didn't have a name at that point - and said she needed some help.

"She told me she'd bought this doll at a car boot sale and ever since she'd had really terrible bad luck; she hadn't been able to sleep, she lived on her own but was hearing footsteps in the house and she could hear the bathroom light clicking on and off during the night."


After receiving the email, Jayne, who presents Help! My House is Haunted, visited the woman's home with a psychic investigator named Hazel to check it out.

"The woman hadn't slept for weeks," Janye said. "She opened the door and said, 'it's round there and I'm not letting it in the house'.


"I went back into the house, interviewed the woman and agreed to take the doll to do some research and set up some experiments and find out what was happening and that's how the doll came into my care."

But within four days of the doll being in her home Jayne began to feel ill.

"It was a bit of a mystery illness," Jayne explained. "I just felt completely drained and completely fatigued. It got to the point after about two weeks where I actually couldn't get out of bed.

"It felt like... if you imagine your body as a battery just zapped completely. I just had nothing left.

"Hazel came to me and said, 'you have considered it could be something to do with this doll?' and of course it had crossed my mind but I was a bit dubious."

However, three days after Hazel removed the doll Jayne was completely back to normal.

She said: "I couldn't deny that that was strange. So I did some work with the doll, but nothing really happened until I put a photograph of the doll on my Facebook page and that's when things got weird.


"At that point, the doll had no name connected to it and I just took a photograph of the dolls face and posted it on my page, with no information, nothing at all.

"That was about 8pm and by the following morning I had over 80 messages and emails from people saying they'd had unusual experiences after looking at the photo.

"Some people were having really terrible headaches, chest pains, others were complaining that their dogs were barking and spinning in circles, they were hearing footsteps, light bulbs were burning out - there was just something really weird going on."

Around this time, a psychic medium got in touch with Jayne to tell her that a lady called Peggy was haunting the doll who was 'restless, frustrated and was persecuted in life'.

Jayne has written a book about her experiences with Peggy.
Jayne Harris

Peggy's notoriety eventually caught the eye of US paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, who contacted Jayne and asked if she'd fly over to Las Vegas with Peggy so he could find out more and maybe even put her on display at Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum.

"And that's where she is now," Jayne said. "She's locked away. The decision was made to give her her own room and she's a cabinet in that room with cameras on her permanently.

"Zak has people sign a waiver, telling people they enter at their own risk - people have to take that on board."

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Jayne Harris

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