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Woman Questions Whether Her Dog Tattoo Looks X-Rated

Rebecca Shepherd


Woman Questions Whether Her Dog Tattoo Looks X-Rated

A tattoo seems like a great idea until after having it you squint, only to realise you've essentially been branded with the outline of a penis.

Well, sort of - it's kind of subjective. But if you're unsure, you can always count on the internet to provide you the answers you're looking for, namely: "Does my tattoo look like a d***?"

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Taking the discussion on to Reddit, the woman explained that people are often 'mean and disgusting' at the bar she works at, so she wanted people's honest opinions.

It seems as if people were divided, with one writing: "I saw a dog right away! It's very cute! I guess if I stare real hard, ignore the dog's head, I can kind of see what you mean but that takes a lot of effort honestly."

Another added: "Honestly? I clearly see a dog, and that is the first thing I saw. It can definitely be a d*** if that's how you want to see things. But it's also not one of those things where once you see a d***, you can't un-see it.

"Some people are just like that and see d***s everywhere. I'm reminded of Super Bad- 'all the best foods are shaped like d***s!'

"I think it's more dog than d***, and anyone who says otherwise, well they're just being a...." Nicely done.

Could be a dog... could be a d**k. Credit: Design Pics Inc/Alamy Stock Photo
Could be a dog... could be a d**k. Credit: Design Pics Inc/Alamy Stock Photo

Giving the woman some more reassurance, another commented: "If a d***s what you were going for then they completely missed the mark."

"No. My d***'s ears are different," joked another, while someone else kept the gags coming: "Sorry pal, your artist totally screwed you, that looks nothing like a d*** it's obviously a doggo. Maybe someone better can fix it for you."

Giving her some suggestions, one wrote: "Only because you pointed it out, and if I kinda squint. Couldn't hurt to add a few more fluffy tufts to get away from the almost d*** vein."

Can always count on the internet. Credit: Reddit
Can always count on the internet. Credit: Reddit

Someone else posed the possibility of giving the doggo a longer tail.

While another helpfully (but possibly unhelpfully) wrote: "Unfortunately at first glance from even just a small distance I can see this being mistaken for the d***. Especially the fur details can be mistaken for a vein at first glance. I would say maybe if the butt was a little bigger maybe then it wouldn't look so phallic at a distance, but then that could also be counterproductive."

It seems as if the Reddit user is going to add more to the inking after some commenting explained they could sort of see where she was coming from and why she was asking.

Featured Image Credit: Gloria Good/Alamy Stock Photo

Topics: Viral, Weird, Tattoo

Rebecca Shepherd
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