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Psychologist shares two comebacks that will make people never try to insult you again

Psychologist shares two comebacks that will make people never try to insult you again

This psychologist has tips for dealing with people who insult you

A psychologist has revealed two ways in which you can come back at someone who is trying to insult you, and both could mean that you never have to worry about being insulted by that person again.

Of course, in every walk of life we encounter bullies and people who act in bad faith – work, relationships, even sometimes within our own families.

The real trick is that when someone tries to insult you, you need to not let it affect you, as it probably comes from a place of insecurity and unhappiness within the other person.

With that in mind, a psychologist has suggested two ways in which you can clap back at someone who is trying to have a dig at you.

No, it’s not ‘your mum’.

Although you might feel better doing something like that, neither of these responses involves actually throwing something insulting back yourself.

Yes, that’s right, you have to be the bigger person again.

Grayson Allen is a graduate of the University of Cambridge who shares tips and tricks involving psychology online.

So, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, it’s probably worth dropping him a follow.

In a recent video, he shared some tips for how to deal with bullies.

“When someone insults you, they are often just insecure or feeling bad,” Grayson explained.

Here’s his two tips for sorting the problem out once and for all.

You could try - or pretend to be - empathetic.

Firstly, you can try to be empathetic to them.

Grayson suggested: “Maybe pause for a moment, look around a little bit.

“Then ask them if they're doing all right.”

For this to work, Grayson says it’s important to show genuine empathy for the person, or at least convincingly pretend to.

After all, you can imagine that sort of response escalating things, can’t you?

However, Grayson added: “Only a person who is suffering inside would insult someone else.”

Righto, but what if you don’t feel like taking that approach?

Well, here’s Grayson’s second suggestion – ignore them.

He said: “Just ignore the insult.

“If someone insults you one-on-one or in a group setting, just don't change your facial expression, try to stay relaxed, and keep talking about the thing you were talking about.”

Manage to do that, and you’ll make them sweat.

Or, just ignore the insult altogether.

“If you show that you're completely not phased, or didn't even hear it, that's going to be awkward, they're going to look bad, and you're going to be in control,” he further explained.

Many online have thanked Grayson for his work.

“As the saying goes, no one can humiliate you without your consent,” one comment read.

Another wrote: “The person who has mastered themselves can't be controlled!”

There you have it – you know how to deal with bullies properly in the future.

Just don’t come crying to us if they jaw you after trying one of these techniques.

If they do, it’s likely that they were going to do that in any case.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Westend61 Instagram/Grayson.psychology

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