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Man stunned as 'angry' Homer Simpson haunts his lamb chop

Man stunned as 'angry' Homer Simpson haunts his lamb chop

The creepy image appeared as the trainee butcher was working on the lamb

Ready for some nightmare fuel? Then allow me to introduce you to Homer Simpson in a lamb chop.

Let's just say he looks much more friendly when he's yellow.

The horrifyingly meaty iteration of the character was spotted in the lamb chop by trainee butcher Lee Denyer, who was prepping a saddle of lamb when he saw the familiar face in the animal's spine.

Lee was having a normal day at work when he spotted the face.
Kennedy News and Media

Lee, from Lower Dicker in East Sussex, recalled: "It was an average day of work. I was preparing some chops. I could see Homer Simpson staring straight back at me - an angry Homer Simpson. It was so perfect it looked so like him."

Like him if he'd had all of his skin ripped off, maybe.

Eerie images of the lamb chop depict the character's bald head, round eyes and nose, with what looks to be a bone creating his wide-open, 'angry' mouth.

Lee was quick to snap pictures of meat-Homer, who was just three inches tall, to preserve the finding before the chop was sold to a hungry customer.

"I'm a big fan of The Simpsons, who isn't? Everyone loves The Simpsons," Lee said. "My favourite character is Homer. This chop sold very quickly, they always do.

"I showed people at work, they were like 'that's interesting isn't it?' If you're a butcher you probably see it all the time but it stood out to me."

Lee said the lamb chop sold 'quickly'.
Kennedy News and Media

It's unclear whether the chop went to a Simpsons fan or not, but the appearance of the character was at least appreciated online after Lee shared images of lamb Homer on social media.

Along with the photos, he wrote: "Angry Homer Simpson in a Barnsley chop."

And many people were quick to agree that the chop did resemble Homer, though other people saw other images depicted in the meat, including a Mexican lucha libre wrestler.

"When I shared it online people saw different things, Homer Simpson but also a luchador," Lee explained.

One person commented: "Took me a second but yeah I see it! I saw a sea turtle lol."

Another added: "If you flip that upside down, it looks like the creepy alien thing from the movie NOPE."

Now that we've had Homer, maybe it's time for other butchers to start looking out for the rest of the Simpson's family in their products?

To be fair, though, it would probably feel a bit weird to start BBQing up the beloved family.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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