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Pilot spots mysterious red glowing in clouds over Atlantic Ocean

Pilot spots mysterious red glowing in clouds over Atlantic Ocean

Reddit users joked it was Stranger Things' Vecna in the Atlantic

Ah, flying through the skies off on our holidays. Taking a non-descript photo of the clouds or blankness out the window to post on Instagram with some kind of live laugh love ‘goodbye’ caption.

But the last thing you'd want to see when you look out is something creepy.

Maybe the snowy peaks of mountains or calm waves of the ocean, sure, but nothing that looks other-worldly.

We might want to get away from home, but we don’t want to get away from Earth.

And yet when this pilot flew over the Atlantic Ocean, they spotted something rather mysterious.

Shared to a Reddit forums, it’s claimed that the pilot, who was revealed to be Dustin Maggard, passed over weird red glowing in the clouds below.

Almost like something out of Stranger Things, the clouds appear to be lit up bright red above the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2022, Maggard told CNN: "We had no idea what we were looking at.

"We were making jokes about being in the middle of some sort of military exercise or some sort of alien invasion."

And obviously the images led to an absolute spiral in the comments as users debated just what the glow could be – some far less serious than others.

One suggested: “The Atlantic Ocean’s hottest club is Algae! Drinks with salt rimmed glasses, red strobe lights, water sports, shipwrecks and you can literally pee anywhere you want!”

With another referencing the Netflix series: “Dustin’s trying to open up a portal to the upside down – it is literally a water gate.”

Fishing or Vecna?
Dustin Maggard

As one joked: “Just another Stranger Things PR stunt,” and another fan wrote: “Vecna is now in Atlantic apparently.”

Someone also put: “Someone tell Poseidon to knock it off.”

And another even put: “Probably another gender reveal."

However, a more sensible, and agreed upon comment, is the suggestion: “I believe this to be fishing vessels using strong red lights to attract saury.”

Someone else said: “They are boats equipped with large arrays of red LED panels for Saury fishing.”

A similar explanation was given by meterologist, Neil Jacobs, who said they were 'commerical fishing vessels fishing for Pacific saury'.

Many offered explanations for the weird red lights.
Dustin Maggard

The style of fishing uses bright red lights that can be seen from afar, and the boats are able to lure in thousands of fish.

With the lights glowing under the water, they reflect off particles and basically act as bait to draw in the little swimmers.

As they glow so brightly, a lot of Reddit users agree this probably is the source of the mysterious glow seen from the sky.

But, who knows, maybe it could be a real-life Stranger Things situation.

Or not, I guess the fish thing is also likely.

Featured Image Credit: Dustin Maggard

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