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Nan who already charges family for Christmas dinner raises prices for 2023

Nan who already charges family for Christmas dinner raises prices for 2023

Her family members have to pay between £2.50 and £15 to attend

From a turkey dinner with all the trimmings to tins of chocolates and a healthy haul of booze, hosting Christmas for family and friends can get pretty expensive. But would you ever charge your guests to attend?

For the past six years, Caroline Duddridge from Cardiff has been getting her guests to cover the costs of the family Christmas dinner.

Caroline Duddridge charges her family for their Christmas dinner each year.
Facebook/Caroline Duddridge

She even has a deadline for when the cash needs to be in her bank account.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live last year, she said: "If you don't pay by 1 December, you're not coming.

"Obviously there were a few moans and grumbles saying 'I've got a few children', but at the end of the day that's not my problem really, is it?"

Last year, the bill for her two sons was £15 and her three daughters had to pay £10. The cost for her grandchildren varied between £2.50 and £5 depending on age.

Now, with the cost of living crisis causing food prices to soar, the 64-year-old has upped her charges too.

This year, Caroline said she's 'put the girls' prices up by £2,' claiming she got 'a bit of stick' from people for charging them less than the men in the family.

But, while the nan-of-six has upped her rates for the family dinner, she still expects to be paying more than their fee covers due to inflated supermarket prices.

The nan-of-six has upped her prices for 2023 but doesn't think it'll cover the soaring costs of food.

She told BBC 5 Live: "I'm not sure it will, because when you buy a few bits and pieces it comes to like £30 or £40 and it's barely a bag full. This is not Christmas stuff either but just general shopping - it's just horrifying and you wonder where it's all going to end."

Caroline faced a lot of stick when the news of her Christmas dinner tax went viral last year, but she says it's actually great value.

Every year, she serves a mini sandwich buffet, turkey roast with all the trimmings, and a plethora of yule-tide desserts. And, each family member takes home a doggy bag of treats that'll last them through Boxing Day.

"I also do food for my parents and take it round to them," she said. "They find it a bit too much coming to mine now."

But, while she acknowledges how some people might consider her a Scrooge, Caroline has received support from others online who say it's a great idea.

"There were the usual trolls, but some people thought it was really good idea - they even said they were going to adopt it themselves."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Caroline Duddridge

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