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Woman horrified after finding out what ‘sticks’ on her ceiling actually are

Woman horrified after finding out what ‘sticks’ on her ceiling actually are

She was confused as to what the sticks were, but upon finding out, she was mortified

A mum has been left shocked after discovering what the two 'sticks' coming out of her bathroom ceiling really were.

The woman rents the property and sought help from cleaning and housing experts online, asking what the mysterious looking brown 'twigs' were.

And the answer was a lot more horrifying than she would have expected.

Being the renter, discovering something odd or different in your property and asking for help - it can be an awkward experience.

From anything to a weird smell to some marks on the wall, sometimes your landlord will leave you up in the air as you're kept on 'delivered'.

Thankfully we have the internet though, where numerous people who would have been in the same place as us can share their experiences and advice.

And this is exactly what one woman has decided to do after discovering what looked like twigs growing from her ceiling.

After taking to Facebook to get the advice of others, the explanation behind the twigs was revealed by someone who replied to the woman's post.

These mysterious looking twigs left one poor renter baffled.

"It looks like termites, get your roof checked as soon as possible," they claimed.

Many other users agreed with the diagnosis, saying that they looked like termite tracks, indicating a wider issue.

Apparently, they are mud tubes that termites use as 'tunnel-like structures'. They are made of mud, dirt, faeces, wood matter and saliva, and can be spotted inside or outside your home.

There are several other signs that indicate the presence of these pesky wood-hungry insects in your home, though.

According to Planet Natural Research Center, spotting flying termites is a sure-fire way to find out if there are termites in your home, as these have left the nest and grown wings which also can be shed and left behind.

Other things you should look out for are mud trails up the side of your house, blistering or hollowed wood, damp areas or moisture stains on walls or softer floor boards.

That's not all though, folks.

You should also listen out for tapping or chewing noises within your walls, as termites bang their heads and chew away at wood. Termite holes and bubbling paint are also a termite indicator.

There are several signs that indicate there's a termite infestation in your home.
Getty Stock Photo

But how do you get rid of them, you ask?

The important thing here is not to disturb them or use pest spray to try to kill them, as only licensed pest controllers have effective sprays for them.

Check your meter box for a termite sticker, which will show the different treatments and inspections done before, and who you should contact.

If you don't have one, contact an expert and get them to conduct a full inspection of your home. Make sure the professional explains the full process to you, and to explain the damage.

After this, you should aim to have an inspection every year.

It may be a lot to remember, but it's better than having your walls chewed away while hearing the eerie tapping noises they make.


Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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